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Promotional Campaigns & Financial Literacy Resources

To generate awareness and build community support the NFEC leads a series of promotional events that tie local efforts into national campaigns. These promotions provide unique ways to educate your community, get the media involved and propel the financial literacy movement.

To support the efforts of advocates the NFEC provides complimentary financial literacy resources, tools, and tips needed to promote financial wellness and positively impact your fellow citizens. Additionally, national and local promotions are spearheaded to encourage communities across the country to get involved.

Learn more about NFEC signature financial literacy campaign promotions:

Financial Educators Day Financial Literacy Resources

Financial Educators Day

Financial education advocates – here you will find the tools, tips and resources needed to make a positive impact in your community and its citizens. Join the movement to promote financial wellness.

Family Savings Challenge Financial Literacy Resources

Family Savings Challenge

Our Patrons provide an interactive and fun way for families to build their savings, set family financial goals and learn personal finance topics that will support them over the years.

Upcoming Promotional Campaign with New Financial Literacy Resources

Public Service Announcements

To generate awareness and build community support the NFEC develops Public Service Announcements for our patrons and partners. Learn more by clicking the link above.

Financial Literacy Resources Promote Entrepreneurship

Curriculum Advisory Board reviewing Financial Literacy Resources

Do you wish you could acquire the skills and motivation to start—and run—your own business? The National Financial Educators Council, a leading provider of financial literacy resources, can give you a solid background to get your small business underway. Becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone; running a business takes courage and a lot of hard work. But being your own boss also can be extremely rewarding and lucrative.

According to the NFEC, certain qualities make an individual more likely to succeed as an entrepreneur. A good entrepreneur is by definition willing to take initiative and risk. Entrepreneurs are those people who can recognize opportunity and then access and organize resources to take advantage of that opportunity. Yet while a person must have certain inherent qualities to run a business, they also can gain useful knowledge with financial education resources like those available through the NFEC.

The NFEC offers personal finance resources that include curriculum, classroom-based workshops, celebrity events, games, activities, and online learning centers. They even have a mobile app that people can download so they can learn money management skills anytime and anyplace they have a mobile signal. Most of these resources are available at no cost.

By adding over 80 personal finance resources, the NFEC leads the industry as it works toward fulfilling its mission of creating a world where everyone has the financial capability to make qualified decisions that improve their lives. This team of expert professionals promotes financial literacy and provides financial literacy resources to a global audience.

What is financial literacy? The term is defined as “Possessing the skills and knowledge about financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills one’s personal, family, and global community goals.” Put another way, financial literacy means being able to live a desired lifestyle and achieve one’s life goals. Successful entrepreneurship is one way to put effective personal finance skills to work.

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