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Share Personal Finance Resources, Change Lives

Social entrepreneurs and community organizations with a passion for making people’s lives better might consider joining the financial literacy movement. Organizations like the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) provide personal finance resources that are designed to help people become able to make the qualified money decisions that can improve their financial situations and thus their lives.

The NFEC is an independent education organization that shares financial literacy resources with leaders and community groups around the globe. Available resources include presentations and curriculum; a certification program for those who wish to become financial education instructors; high-profile events and full-scale financial literacy campaigns; marketing and promotional materials; and online learning centers. All these learning tools are designed to be engaging and fun for participants, while remaining aligned with core educational standards.

For organizations that wish to share the financial literacy message with their members and communities, the NFEC offers turnkey solutions in personal finance education resources. If you are a financial professional who wants to help people improve their financial situations, the NFEC will help you position yourself as your community’s go-to person for speaking engagements, promotions, and initiatives related to financial literacy.

Once you become recognized as the financial literacy expert in your community, you can leverage NFEC resources to fulfill your business, philanthropic, and personal goals. As stated in the organization’s personal finance books, there are steps you can take to gain position as a leading financial literacy advocate:

  • Donate some of your time and personal finance resources to helping the underserved in your community.
  • Take a personal finance course that gives you credentials and certification as an educator, like the NFEC’s Certified Financial Education Instructor program.
  • Update your bio sketch, social networking profiles, and marketing materials to reflect your positioning as a social entrepreneur seeking to improve the lives of others.

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