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Financial Literacy Events

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Finance Literacy Events

The National Financial Educators Council provides financial education events for participants of all ages. From hands-on workshops to high-profile celebrity financial literacy events, NFEC productions are sure to educate and provide a positive experience for participants.

The NFEC hosts and/or supplies turnkey event solutions for organizations. The various event options are designed to instill positive personal finance habits in their audiences while remaining fun and engaging. (For those seeking personal finance speakers, presenters and keynotes click here.)

Our financial literacy events are designed to engage the audience and instill positive personal finance habits. All events are customized to the needs of our clients and audiences to ensure that their goals are met. Here are some of our most popular events:

Adult Educational Events


Unlike younger age groups, adults have unique needs. To address the variety of adults’ socioeconomic situations and specific needs, the NFEC produces custom financial literacy events designed around their goals. Speakers and topics are selected that align with the needs of the audience.

Although each event is customized to your audience and time constraints, here are some of the more popular events:

*All NFEC speakers have met standards set by the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance and are graduates of the Certified Financial Education Instructor course. You can select the presenter who meets your needs. Nothing is ever marketed or sold to your participants.

High School & College Level Events

Money XLive – Celebrity Community Outreach

Money XLive makes financial literacy education exciting by enlisting the help of celebrity supporters, sports stars, live entertainment, and personal finance experts. This immersive educational experience provides real-world financial knowledge that prepares people to make everyday money management decisions.

Financial Literacy Events for Kids

Sammy Rabbit

Have Sammy Rabbit out for a fulfilling event filled with singing, dancing, and financial education lessons. The Sammy Rabbit character gets kids engaged and delivers lessons designed to help mold positive financial behaviors. *Warning – the songs will be stuck in your head.

Request a Financial Education Event

Jana Stoughton, College Student

The National Financial Educators Councils’ financial literacy events give participants a memorable learning experience while sharing practical personal finance lessons. These experiential events increase retention rates and motivate students to take positive action.

From full production promotions (concert venues, celebrities, live entertainment) to smaller community courses – the NFECs’ events have participants talking about what they have learned long after the show is over.

There are a variety of programs to fit your financial education program goals. Classes (ranging from an hour to semester long), camps (half day to five days), workshops, virtual training and live events all are available. To accommodate a variety of budgets the NFEC has broken down their financial literacy workshops into three general categories.

The NFEC supports anyone out in the community spreading the message of financial literacy. However, many speakers on the topic lack the training to deliver this effectively. All NFEC speakers are certified and will give your event the professional touch.

With any option you choose, the NFECs’ financial literacy workshops also include an activation package. This includes: pre- & post-tests, marketing material, coursework, press releases, community outreach package, media services, training, follow-up educational material, grant guides, sponsorship forms and more. You receive a turnkey package to ensure your financial literacy workshop is a success.

The most common problem with many financial literacy workshops is that they focus solely on the educational aspects, and forget about the entertainment factor needed to truly connect with the audience. Teaching money is different than any other subject because there are so many emotions, preset beliefs and aspirations associated with this topic. It is critical that this material be delivered in a way that connects with participants and addresses those issues in a fun, engaging way.

As you see from the videos, the NFEC events create an experience that gets students in the proper mindset to pick up money skills. Teaching personal finance in a way that gets participants get motivated to pick up this needed knowledge and most importantly, they provide follow-up training material so students can take action on their new found inspiration to learn about money.

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