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Personal Finance Lesson Plans

The personal finance lesson plans the NFEC has developed are designed to connect with and entertain audiences, while also meeting core standards for financial education. The lesson plans have been widely recognized for their ability to reach participants from all demographics and mobilize them toward positive action to improve their finances.

A 100% independent organization, the NFEC can guarantee that its personal finance presentations are purely educational. These lesson plans were created with the guidance of the NFEC Curriculum Advisory Board, a group of experts, educators, and financial professionals dedicated to writing personal finance lessons that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Personal Finance Lesson Plans for All Ages

Curriculum & Presentations – All Ages

The NFEC offers engaging, fun and interactive curriculum for all ages – kids, teens, and adults. Over 400 hours of presentation material accommodates a variety of educational goals and formats.

Customized & Private-labeled Personal Finance Lesson Plans

Customized & Private-labeled Presentations

The NFEC provides a full range of customized financial literacy programming and promotions to meet your needs. The NFEC can create new programs or modify existing materials to meet the needs of our supporters.

Financial Literacy Framework & Standards for Personal Finance Lesson Plans

Financial Literacy Framework & Standards

Review big ideas and content standards designed to encourage the highest achievement by participants. Complimentary interactive website helps you understand the skills needed to improve one’s financial capabilities.

Personal Finance Lesson Plans – Launch Date Set

The National Financial Educators Council announces that over 400 hours of personal finance lesson plans for all ages is launching January 7th, 2105.

The NFEC’s personal finance lesson plans are engaging, fun and meet educational standards. The material is designed to help instructors and parents teach kids about money in a fun, engaging and relevant way. This addition to the educational resources rounds out their current 80 financial literacy assets.

The NFECs’ social enterprise campaign -Financial EduNation – provides turnkey resources to individuals and organizations that seek to improve the financial capability of those they serve. A National Financial Educators Council’s spokesperson stated, “Teaching children about money when they are young is a critical component of raising money smart kids. They are forming financial habits early on in life; our goal is to help them form good habits.”

The personal finance for kids program financial literacy curriculum, sing-along videos, books, training and support tools for kids between 3 and 8 (pre-kindergarten through the 2nd grade). This program also features the NFECs’ Certified Financial Education Instructor program, which helps educators teach children about money effectively. The entire program includes tools designed to increase long-term retention of the lessons. This includes lesson plans, student guides, board games, video learning centers, software, games and the Certified Financial Educator Training program. The program material and training will be launched at the end of financial literacy month (April).

Reports show that personal finance for kids programming improves their financial capabilities. This can help them avoid common problems that many people are facing today – debt and other financial issues. Besides the financial consequences, it is commonly understood that monetary issues is a leading contributor of stress, health and relationship problems. The NFEC website points to the fact that many of the problems people face can be avoided or lessened by becoming financially literate.

The financial literacy curriculum for high school students was developed by the National Financial Educators Council in a similar manner to material offered to various age groups they serve. Financial professional, educators and personal finance experts collaborated to bridge the gap between educational standards and practical knowledge. Early childhood development experts were also consulted to ensure the effectiveness of the coursework being developed.

The National Financial Educators Council is a social enterprise organization committed to improving the financial capability of people globally. The personal finance for kid material offers age specific financial education to foster positive monetary habits among children. The NFECs’ Financial EduNation Campaign encapsulates all the programs offered to provide community leaders, organizations and financial professional’s tools to conduct effective outreach, awareness and promotion initiatives.

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