People in Your Community Need Help with their Finances

You Want to Make a Meaningful Difference in their Lives, but Need the Resources & Guidance to Build a Top-quality Financial Education Program.

Individuals and organizations around the globe have mobilized to tackle the financial illiteracy epidemic; yet most of them still need financial education resources, support, and guidance to make a meaningful difference.

Until recently, if you wanted to make a real impact on the financial capabilities of your community’s citizens, you’ve faced significant barriers. Materials had to be created and tested, personnel needed to be located or trained, outreach and business models had to be constructed. Even when all the steps are completed successfully, many programs have problems with scaling, due to a high cost per impact and insufficient data documentation.

Top Concerns of People Seeking to Build or Start Financial Education Programming

#1 Question: How do I create a financial education program that delivers results while helping me accomplish my personal or organizational goals?

Other top questions to include:

  • What lessons should I teach, and how should I deliver the training?
  • How do participants register, and how do I encourage participation?
  • How do I fund the program or create a revenue stream to benefit people into the future?
  • What qualifications should the person teaching the program have?
  • How do I measure the program’s impact and report results?
  • What systems do I need in place to provide ongoing education?
  • What should the program include, and how do I schedule the program?
  • Where do I get the resources and material I need to educate participants?

To Plan Your Initiative, Consider the Fundamental Program Elements

There are proven steps to building a financial education program that delivers measurable results and that can scale to help more people. This process starts by building a solid foundation based on researched-based education principles and a clear plan, followed by creating a positive user experience and proving your program’s impact. When these steps are followed properly, opportunities open to fund, grow, and expand your programming.

There is a big need for financial education programs in communities across the country. This model was designed to help those who are championing initiatives to get better results and scale their programming so more people can receive vital personal financial information.

The NFEC Provides Turnkey Solutions to Your Financial Education Programming Needs

Receive the training, resources, and expertise that help you build a maximum-impact financial literacy program that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the people you teach.

The NFEC makes it possible for you to make a measurable difference in the lives of your community’s citizens and build a professional-level financial education program that aligns with best practices for teaching and promoting positive financial behaviors.

We reduce the cost, time, and personnel required to build an effective, scalable financial education program. Due to recent process and technological advancements developed by the NFEC, you can access turnkey financial education package that highlights your professionalism and stands out above the average financial literacy programs.

We Offer Complete Program Solutions Across the 3 Core Phases of Program Development

Foundation Phase

Training for Financial Education Instructors & Directors

Quality Research-based Resources that Align with Your Audience

Resources & Support that Help You Build a Program Plan

Execution Phase

Pre-programming & Implementation Resources that Deliver a Positive First Impression

Post-program Education & Recognition Resources

Measurement Tools & Reporting Templates to Report Results

Growth Phase

Clear Business & Funding Model and Resources to Scale Programming

Programming Business Aspects Training & Resources

Brand & Online Positioning to Highlight Your Competencies

Foundation Phase

Step 1: Program Design & Plan

Creating a cohesive financial education program that benefits participants and leaves them with a positive learning experience requires careful planning of all programming details. The success, overall outcomes, and results of any program are directly influenced by the overall design.

Well-designed programs are built with purpose. Components work together to promote financial literacy and further your overall objectives. The NFEC’s team of financial education experts are there to support your programming design needs and ensure that your participants receive a meaningful learning experience.

NFEC Support

Having developed thousands of financial education campaigns ranging from community workshops to statewide initiatives, and a country-wide campaign that serves more than 500,000 people, our team has the expertise to make your program successful. Some of the support we offer includes:

Step 2: Training for Financial Educators & Support Personnel

Personal finance is a unique subject that requires specialized expertise to teach effectively. Well-qualified educators understand the subject matter and instructional methods that will help their participants best work toward greater financial wellness.

Because teachers are the single most important influence on student success, having competent instructors lead the program is the most important aspect of financial education programming.

NFEC Support

We offer a variety of training programs for individuals who desire to teach, participate in, and direct financial education programs. Graduates possess the skills and credentials to motivate, engage, educate, and move participants of all ages to take positive financial action. Educator training options include:

Step 3: Financial Education Resources

Financial education resources should be grounded in research-based educational methodologies and real-world application. They should not only focus on knowledge, but also include financial behaviors and establishment of systems to encourage long-term benefit for the learners.

Empower the people you serve with financial literacy education resources that provide high-quality content and practical lessons that focus learners on the application of the lessons. Programming also should be aligned with your audience’s specific needs and include suitable scaffolding to support their development of higher-order thinking skill sets.

NFEC Support

The NFEC’s financial education resources meet the highest educational standards while having participants complete activities where they build the skills and lay the foundation they need to work toward greater financial security. Our educational resources include:

Rebranding Available

Execution Phase

Step 4: User Experience Considerations

From start to finish, the impressions a financial education program makes influence how your program is received and its overall results. From initial communication through continuing contact through ongoing education – high-quality resources at each touchpoint gives your program a well-polished feel.

A smooth pre-programming experience ensures that learners gain confidence in your abilities from the moment of your first impression, and can help build interest. Post-programming is an excellent opportunity to extend program impact. Adding touchpoints through multimethod ongoing training can help increase retention rates, inspire participant action, and improve overall results from the programming.

NFEC Support

We provide comprehensive resources that can be deployed at various stages of the program. What impression do you want to make? Here’s the impression our partners make when they lead financial literacy programs:

Financial wellness program examples

Step 5: Measurement & Reporting

Proving your program’s impact should be the primary goal for anyone in the financial education industry. Demonstrating results highlights your competencies as a top-quality provider of financial education programming and opens up future opportunities.

Most financial education programs fail to gather data and prove their program’s impact. By knowing what information to gather, how to collect data, and how to put together a case study report – your program will stand out from the ordinary.

NFEC Support

Highlight your abilities as a qualified financial educator with the measurements, data gathering systems, and report templates provided by the NFEC. These resources help you clearly demonstrate your program results with reports that showcase your initiative’s success and your expertise. Resources include:

turnkey financial education package resources

Growth Phase

Step 6: Funding & Business Resources

Building a program that can benefit people for many years in the future requires having a clear business model, successful program results, and management systems to organize the many moving parts. Programs best positioned to achieve success have proven results, built a top-quality image, and have their business matters in order.

Developing the systems and model can take several years, require significant amounts of capital, and seem overwhelming. The NFEC provides complete solutions to getting the business and funding aspects of a financial education campaign up quickly.

NFEC Support

Receive the plans and resources that help you fund and scale a financial wellness program in your community. Our program provides the materials, training, and resources to highlight your image as a financial education professional – putting you in better position to fund and scale your program. Resources include:

Financial literacy program package resources

Who We Serve

No matter the size or scope, the NFEC supports your efforts with scalable financial education programming. From single workshops to large ongoing initiatives – we provide