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eVolve is an engaging, interactive learning platform designed to improve participants’ financial capabilities. The programming has been widely recognized for its ability to connect with students and inspire them to take positive financial action.

The eLearning platform leverages best practices in online personal finance education, high-grade content, and vivid design to create a unique learning experience where participants start to take action toward building a sound financial foundation. The online personal finance lessons are interactive, practical and fun, yet also meet core educational standards.

eVolve’s flexible design accommodates a variety of schedules and learning outcomes, and provides blended learning options. Organizations have used the platform to conduct workshops of various lengths, after-school programs, weekend seminars, camps, in-class training, lunch-and-learns, for-credit college classes, year-long courses and various other formats.

The NFEC is 100% independent and eVolve is purely educational – that means it contains no advertising. With the guidance of a Curriculum Advisory Board comprised of educators, financial professionals, financial education authorities, eLearning experts, this collaboration has yielded a financial education eLearning platform that bridges the gap between theory-based education and practical application.

eLearning Features

eVolve features a robust eLearning platform and Learning Management System designed around evidence-based best practices for online learning. The flexible platform can accommodate asynchronous and synchronous activities while providing learner options to maximize their assimilation and implementation of the materials presented. Features include:

Educational Features

eVolve online personal finance program was built around the NFEC’s financial literacy curriculum that has been used by thousands of organizations and taught for college course credit. Unlike other programs, eVolve was built around highly-recognized curriculum that delivers proven results.

“We chose to provide the NFEC curriculum because it balances practical application with core educational standards. The lessons are engaging, making it enjoyable for teachers and students alike. We also liked that it incorporates a comprehensive educator training program to empower those delivering the information with the tools to maximize the effectiveness of the coursework.”
Erica K. Jackson, CFCO Director with Penn State Erie, the Behrend College
“We just received the Financial Literacy Event Report. This is fantastic! We can easily show our board how much students learned. We’ve just begun planning our summer conference, and would like to offer the scholars your amazing financial workshop. Thank you again! I can’t wait to share this.”
Joanna Mueller, Program Director of the Simon Family Foundation
“The program is going wonderfully. Kelly is doing an awesome job and our clients have been very receptive of the information and her presentation. Thanks again, the presentation went GREAT, we will be talking with you soon.”
Chrystal Carlisle, Social Services Supervisor of the Salvation Army, Dallas Fort Worth

Learning Management System Features

eVolve’s Learning Management System is robust, provides rich data, and offers you the freedom to manage your class from a central dashboard. Some of the top benefits our users enjoy include:

Rich-Participant-Reports Online Personal Finance

Student-Pacing-Options Online Personal Finance




Online Personal Finance

Blended Learning Options


Give your students a true blended learning experience and gain the freedom to manage instructional time. eVolve online personal finance program is aligned with the NFEC’s live instruction curriculum package, giving educators the freedom to teach the lessons they wish and assign lessons through the eLearning center.

Receive an instructor’s guide, student guides, PowerPoint presentation, instructor’s resource, and testing bank, all aligned with the eLearning Center. Each lesson is organized alphanumerically so you can easily teach class, assign activities, and manage the program to fit your schedule.

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