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Locate a Financial Education Workshop

Locate Financial Education Workshops or Classes

We commend you on your interest in picking up financial skills that can help you live the lifestyle and attain the security you desire. The NFEC offers a variety of financial education workshops and classes that can help you achieve a state of financial wellness.

It’s no secret that money impacts almost all areas of our lives. For many of us, worries about debt, retirement, or just overall financial security causes stress. This stress affects our relationships, work, and lifestyles.

It is also no secret that the vast majority of us never received practical financial education and our children are not taught about money in school. So it’s up to each of us to take time to learn the lessons that will ultimately reduce the amount of time we “have to” work. Learning about money frees up our energy for the other important aspects of life.

The NFEC offers financial education workshops for people of all ages—from kids to adults. These workshops cover a large range of topics, from basic financial foundation knowledge to more advanced retirement planning. You can choose the classes that best fit your needs.

Many of the classes are free and presented by members of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association. PFSA speakers have graduated the Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework and demonstrated an ability to teach personal finance in a fun, engaging manner.

Complete the form on this page to be notified when we have an event in your area. Programs are offered globally; however, most workshops currently take place in the US.

Locate a Financial Education Workshop or Class

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