National Financial Educators Day 

Financial Educators Day recognizes those individuals who are working to improve the financial capabilities of people in their communities. While taking the opportunity to recognize traditional educators, we also extend our thanks to volunteers, financial professionals, concerned citizens, and others who teach financial literacy. All these individuals are invaluable to the effort.

Financial Educators Day takes place the last Friday of April each year. In 2015 the event is scheduled for April 24th (see below for a 10-year schedule). Initial support from politicians, celebrities, and organizations in the financial literacy industry have transformed the last Friday of each April into a day of recognition, celebration, and advocacy.

The NFEC is currently welcoming influential individuals and organizations to the Financial Educators Day – Advisory Council and Founding Members. Get involved in this annual campaign that honors financial educators and communities around the globe.

The NFEC is recognizing educators and advocates across the US.  Nominate yourself or another to receive Financial Educators Day recognition.  Click here to Nominate a Financial Educator.

Hover over the map below to view current educators honored during Financial Educator Day ceremonies.

Surveys conducted by the NFEC demonstrated that people want to recognize financial educators.  The majority of votes suggested that Financial Educators Day occur at the end of Financial Literacy Month. As one survey respondent noted, “It will give us a clear time and framework to honor those educators that are involved in the financial education programming. We typically are in contact with them over financial literacy month so the end of the month works well.”

How Can I Get Involved?

Below you will find National Financial Educators Day resources to help you recognize and honor financial educators and advocates who make an impact in your community.

Recognize Individual Financial Educators

Community Advocacy

Participate in our social media campaign.

National Financial Educators Day Calendar

National Financial Educators Day takes place the last Friday of every April. Here is a list of Financial Educators Days scheduled for the next several years:

  • April 25th 2014
  • April 24th 2015
  • April 29th 2016
  • April 28th 2017

  • April 27th 2018
  • April 26th 2019
  • April 24th 2020
  • April 30th 2021

  • April 29th 2022
  • April 28th 2023
  • April 26th  2024
  • April 25th 2025


Financial Educators Day was founded to honor those who help others improve their financial capabilities. National Financial Educators Day was formed when the NFEC ran across a problem. There were many entries for Financial Education Instructor of the Year that we decided to reward more individuals. Financial Educators Day provided an avenue to recognize all financial educators – not just one.

The NFEC contends that people with a passion for promoting financial wellness are the true leaders of the financial literacy movement. “It’s the individual educators in communities around the world that are creating positive momentum and helping to push the financial literacy movement beyond the tipping point,” states Vince Shorb, CEO of the NFEC.


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