Parents Can Obtain Free Financial Literacy Materials

Family Receiving Free Financial Literacy Materials

Parents across the nation are coming to realize that, to succeed in today’s global economy, their children need to pick up essential financial knowledge and build good money habits. Unfortunately, however, many parents learned their money lessons at the school of hard knocks and thus feel unqualified and apprehensive about teaching their kids these invaluable skills. Now there’s a solution. The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC; provides free financial literacy materials parents can use to deliver important money lessons in practical and fun ways.

Even parents who have made financial mistakes in their own lives can benefit from the NFEC’s financial literacy information, which is available in a variety of formats—from full-scale campaigns to online learning centers. A great example of an available resource for parents is the book titled Family Money Talks: Ten Talks you Must have with Your Children. This book is set up to offer parents with a framework and talking points for teaching their kids about money. And those parents who do not possess this money knowledge already will learn key lessons along the way to preparing their kids for the real world.

By giving young people essential money knowledge, parents can avoid the negative financial literacy news we hear so often—like the fact that the majority of college graduates are likely to move back home post-graduation. Education is power, and becoming empowered with money knowledge is the path to success.

Parents who visit the NFEC website will find a host of resources and materials they can access for free. Books, articles, financial literacy posters, games, and activities all are available at no cost. And individuals with an interest in starting a financial literacy business or becoming a personal finance speaker can learn about the NFEC certification program.

Even parents at the most basic level—those who are asking “what is financial literacy”—can learn that definition plus a lot more by consulting the NFEC web pages.