Media Resources for Reporting Financial Literacy News Topics

Media coverage is instrumental in supporting the education, awareness and sustainability components of the financial literacy movement.  Stories that cover personal finance topics help to propel financial literacy awareness beyond the tipping point and have the ability to reach people with practical financial knowledge.

We commend the efforts the media in helping to raise awareness about a topic that impacts everybody.  The NFEC supports those in the media by offering resources, interviews and story ideas.  Visit the Financial Literacy Testing & Survey Center for the latest data.

The NFEC has experts with varies expertise in the financial literacy industry.  Advocates, educators and industry experts are made available for your story.  They have a passion for this topic and can answer your questions concisely, with emotion.

All media requests receive priority and it’s our goal to typically respond in less than 4 hours (business hours PST). For those seeking an interview, simply complete the information below and we will connect you with a qualified person based on the topic you select.



Also feel free to contact us at by clicking here.