Locate Financial Literacy Posters, Resources, Counseling with NFEC

Financial Literacy Posters by the NFEC

Looking for financial literacy posters or other ways to get involved in promoting the financial literacy movement? The National Financial Educators Council not only has materials and resources from which you may draw, but also commends you for having an interest in this important topic. This expert organization has a social enterprise business model, leading to the presentation of a full range of personal finance education materials—many of which are available for free.

Today, many people seek financial literacy counseling to help them out of financial difficulties they’re experiencing. The NFEC offers such consultation, plus a host of other resources including articles, books, student guides, instructor training, online learning centers, and a mobile app that allows people to study money lessons on the go. Their professional team has reviewed more than 10,000 financial statements and has the expertise to help individuals solve the entire gamut of money problems.

Some of the financial educators trained via the NFEC’s Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework have made women and financial literacy their specialty. Women who become empowered to make qualified money decisions become better able to handle their own savings, income, investments, and retirement planning, and thus become more independent and able to pass these key money skills down to their children.

Find out more information including a glossary of financial literacy terms by visiting the NFEC website, https://www.financialeducatorscouncil.org. On these web pages you can discover the many programs that are available for free, plus learn a variety of financial literacy facts you may not already know. For instance, you can find out how bad money habits are passed along from generation to generation, as most children learn about money directly from their parents. You also will come to understand how financial literacy training breaks this negative cycle and contributes to ongoing health and wellbeing.