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Top Financial Speakers are Certified & Approved

The NFEC offers a list of top financial speakers who have been certified and approved through a rigorous training program. These well-qualified speakers give you peace of mind because they follow proven systems for planning and carrying out events, delivering ongoing live updates throughout. The NFEC’s top financial speakers come with high-quality educational resources that can be tailored to reflect your brand. The best financial speakers have been approved and certified through rigorous training, such as the NFEC’s certification program. When you select one of these finance speakers you gain peace of mind knowing they will use systemized speaker processes and keep you updated at every step.

NFEC Provides Top Financial Speakers in the Country

Highly Qualified Educators

NFEC Certified & Approved

Peace of Mind

Systemized Speaker Processes, Live Updates

Quality Educational Materials

Aligned with Your Brand

Expert Consultation & Support

Direct Contact with Lead

Book a NFEC-certified speaker for your personal finance training event, and know that you have selected one of the top financial speakers in the U.S. The NFEC carefully trains and certifies its speakers, and graduates from this certification program are qualified to cover a variety of financial literacy topics – from basic to advanced. You will receive a direct point of contact connecting you with a well-qualified speaker. Support for designing your event plus quality handouts and materials are also available.

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Top Financial Speakers Supplemented with Expert Campaign Support

Serving as your direct point of contact, an experienced campaign director will manage your effort to ensure that the initiative reaches your objectives. Directors accomplish goals by handling communications, promotions, and sponsor connections, as well as preparing the speaker so the presentation matches your desired outcomes.

Critical Top Financial Speakers Methods

The Best Financial Speakers Meet Framework Standards

The best financial speakers, such as those certified by the NFEC, are those who have proven that they meet the highest standards of practice for teaching personal finance. In the U.S., those standards are specified in the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance, a set of qualifications developed by the Danielson Group – leading developers of educator standards – in collaboration with the NFEC. From our workshop leaders to celebrity and financial keynote speakers all meet the standards set in the Framework.

Infographic of Top Financial Speakers Policies

NFEC Speakers Serve 2,000 at California Events

As part of its partnership with Ostrofe Financial Consultants, the NFEC provided speakers to host several events serving youth and Ostrofe clients. The speakers were carefully chosen to meet Ostrofe’s specific objective, which was to bring a comprehensive financial literacy campaign to the community which would serve clients, community members, and local high school students.

The high school events, reaching more than 2,000 youth, were custom-branded and designed to motivate students to learn more about money. One of the event highlights was the presentation of exclusive celebrity videos from the NFEC’s Money XLive event. After each event conclusion, Ostrofe offered ongoing learner support by donating the curriculum to the schools. NFEC consultants met regularly with school administrators to develop an ongoing school-based money management curriculum.

Later, evening events were held specifically to serve Ostrofe clients. The Certified personal finance teacher engaged the audience by sharing tips for family members to communicate with one another about personal finance topics. Since communication is the key to becoming financially prepared, this presentation helped empower people toward improving their financial futures.

NFEC Offers Best Financial Speakers on Variety of Topics

The top-notch educational materials they bring to the event may be custom-designed to reflect your brand. You will be given direct contact with your counselor for expert consultation and support throughout the process. You also receive direct contact with your counselor for consultation expertise and support.

There is a framework that distinguishes top financial speaker. The first and only national standards that distinguish the qualities of top financial speakers can be found in the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance developed by the NFEC and the Danielson Group. This teaching framework provides guidelines and performance criteria for improving the quality and impact of financial education instruction and programming. All NFEC speakers must meet these standards and know how to teach personal finance effectively.

The best financial speakers come with added benefits. Your direct point of contact will be a team member who is designated as your campaign director. Campaign management services will include communications, promotions, beneficiary support, and preparing the speaker for maximum effectiveness, plus any other aspects you choose.

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