Select a Personal Finance Teacher with Expert Qualifications

Bring a NFEC personal finance teacher to lead your event, and rest assured that you have chosen a qualified expert with the skill to instruct at any level – from keynote to small presentations. All speakers have been meticulously trained and successfully passed the certification program to earn the Financial Education Instructor designation through the NFEC. Available in all states and more than 40 countries, NFEC speakers use educational-grade materials and are skilled at creating a memorable participant experience. Receive a direct point of contact to reach the financial literacy educator you choose.

Choose a Personal Finance Teacher for an Event

Qualified Financial Literacy Educators

NFEC Certified Financial Literacy Educators

Peace of Mind

Systemized Speaker Processes, Live Updates

Quality Educational Materials

Aligned with Your Brand

Expert Consultation & Support

Direct Contact with Lead

From the list available here you can choose the personal finance teacher who best meets the needs of your event; all these educators have met the stringent criteria for NFEC certification and approval. Gain peace of mind through systemized speaker processes and live updates during the planning and delivery phases. Top-quality educational resources and curriculum will be aligned with your branding requirements. Expertise, support, and ongoing consultation will be provided through your direct lead contact.

NFEC Creates Four Steps for a Personal Finance Teacher to Follow

As your direct point of contact, the campaign director assigned to manage your effort will coordinate all aspects toward accomplishing your specific goals. Campaign directors are experienced and capable to take responsibility for initiative communications, coordinating with the personal finance expert presenters, managing promotional efforts, beneficiary support, and ensuring that the speaker is prepared to meet your unique needs.

Systems for Personal Finance Teacher Additions

Each Certified Personal Finance Teacher Meets Utmost Standards

Every personal finance teacher and finance speaker who receives certification through one of the NFEC’s four certification programs has proven that he or she meets the utmost performance criteria and has ability to conduct financial education programming for maximum quality and impact. All these certified instructors are held to the standards set forth in the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance, the first standards designed specifically for financial educators.

Critical Personal Finance Teacher Scenarios Used by Financial Literacy Educators

Case Study – Financial Literacy Educator in Grass Valley

The NFEC and Ostrofe Financial Consultants recently teamed up to bring a comprehensive financial education initiative to Ostrofe’s clients, the community, and high school students in the area. The inaugural events and media outreach took place during April, which has been designated Financial Literacy Month. The NFEC’s role was to select speakers for the events who best aligned with Ostrofe’s objectives, and to create custom, branded materials and resources in event support.

More than 2,000 high school students attended the youth events during the day, which captured student interest by featuring celebrity videos drawn from NFEC’s Money XLive event when teaching financial literacy. The evening event was dedicated to Ostrofe Financial Consultant clients, who received tips about opening lines of family communication about personal finances. The speaker chose this topic because communication is the key to financial preparedness. The NFEC spokesperson also gave media interviews between events to raise community awareness about financial literacy.

Ostrofe continued to promote financial education after the kickoff events by releasing a series of Public Service Announcements developed by the NFEC. These PSAs received substantial radio air time, resulting in a second year of events and promotions to support ongoing learning on an even larger scale.