Choose a NFEC Approved Financial Keynote Speaker for Your Next Event

If you seek to host a large money management education event, you may want an expert financial keynote speaker to provide the headline address. Here you’ll find speakers Certified through the Financial Educators Council, proving that they have the knowledge, expertise, and public speaking skill to give an effective, motivational keynote speech. These finance speakers are well-equipped to speak to all levels, from basic to advanced, and have access to state-of-the-art materials and handouts to accompany their presentations.

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The NFEC has approved and certified those who pass its rigorous certification training, so you can be certain that the financial keynote speaker you choose will be extremely well-qualified. Rest assured that your speaker will follow systematized processes, giving you live updates at each juncture. Your financial keynote speaker will come prepared with the highest quality of educational materials, which may be adapted to align with your brand. You’ll receive expert consultation and support through direct contact with your lead counselor.

Four-phase System Behind a Financial Keynote Speaker

You will connect to your financial keynote speaker through your campaign director, who will manage all aspects of your program to ensure that it meets your stated goals. Campaign directors serve as liaison with speakers to make sure the personal finance experts are well-prepared for the event, and manage all communications, promotions, and sponsorships related to your initiative.

Planning for Financial Keynote Speaker Selections

Case Study – Arizona State University & Mid First Bank

Frameworks and standards have been developed to share benchmarks with the financial education industry that define the characteristics of a good financial keynote speaker, which all NFEC speakers must possess. These criteria include the adoption of common language that serves as a resource to improve communication, and awareness tools that highlight the importance of selecting highly-skilled experts and top financial speakers.

Significant Financial Keynote Speaker Systems

Case Study – Arizona State University & Mid First Bank

A recent case study indicates how NFEC speakers are aligned with organizational needs, become prepared for events, arrive early to implement live instruction, and provide ongoing support to participants after the program concludes. A campus-wide peer financial education initiative co-sponsored by MidFirst Bank and Arizona State University, now going into its fifth year, delivers broad-reaching programming that improves the financial capabilities of ASU students.

The NFEC trained and certified ASU students as peer leaders to deliver the customized workshops to their fellow students. The peer leaders went through the Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) training program, then additional practice to prepare them to deliver financial literacy education and teach personal finance to their peers with confidence. After taking these custom training sessions, the peer speakers were able to demonstrate professional-level content and pedagogical knowledge.

Custom-branded ASU marketing pieces and resources accompanied the program, to enlist the collaboration of on-campus organizations and get the word out to students about the financial education opportunities. The collaborators gathered data using comprehensive measurement tools to demonstrate program impact, identify trends, and leverage information to provide student participants with tailored follow-up resources post-programming.