Book a Retirement Speaker for a Financial Literacy Event

Seeking to book a retirement speaker with demonstrated skill at both public speaking and financial education? The NFEC brings together qualified presenters and advocates to offer personal finance speakers and programming to your community, covering a broad range of topics that includes retirement preparation. All speakers are trained by the NFEC and have received their Certified Financial Education Instructor designation. Select speakers from every U.S. state and across 40 more countries worldwide. Event design support, quality materials, and handouts are also available.

Select a Well-Qualified Retirement Speaker

Highly Qualified Educators

NFEC Certified & Approved

Peace of Mind

Systemized Speaker Processes, Live Updates

Quality Educational Materials

Aligned with Your Brand

Expert Consultation & Support

Direct Contact with Lead

All the educators listed here have passed rigorous certification training to become approved and certified by the NFEC, so you can be certain the retirement speaker or investment speaker specialist you choose will have top qualifications. You attain peace of mind with the certainty that your retirement speaker will use systemized processes and keep you up to date at each stage. The high-quality educational materials your speaker will bring can be custom-tailored to fit your branding. Expert consultation and support also will be provided, through direct contact with a lead counselor.

The Four Phases Covered by a Good Retirement Speaker

Your program will be coordinated and led by a campaign director, your direct point of contact who will be assigned to make sure your event meets stated goals. Directors are responsible for managing communications, promotions, beneficiary support, and preparing the speaker to accomplish your desired outcomes.

Aptitude for Retirement Speaker Extras

Every NFEC Retirement Speaker Meets Stringent Benchmarks

Organizations that choose an NFEC Retirement Speaker for their next event can be assured that they have chosen a finance speaker who meets the most stringent benchmarks defining the skill, content knowledge, and presentation ability of a high-quality financial educator. These criteria can be found in the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance developed by the NFEC and Danielson Group to share with the financial education industry.

Suggestions for Retirement Speaker Components

Case Study – Simon Family Foundation & RMX

The NFEC serves the Simon Family Foundation by choosing speakers and customizing materials for the foundation’s annual Summer Conferences. These three-day events are held at Chapman University, and all 100 college-bound youth recipients of Simon Scholar scholarships are invited to attend. The NFEC and Simon Family Foundation currently are celebrating their third year of collaboration.

One of the highlights among many Summer Conference activities is the NFEC’s Real Money Experience (RMX) event, which offers practical financial literacy lessons that engage students through live interaction with volunteers teaching personal finance in an interactive way. Participating Simon Scholars get practical experience making real-world financial decisions through visiting fourteen different “skills booths.” Offering hands-on practice in a safe environment, these simulations increase students’ retention of the knowledge and keep them talking about the event long after it’s over.

This lasting impression helps encourage students to continue learning about money post-program. The initiative also benefits the Simon Family Foundation Patrons, who get an opportunity to connect with students one-on-one – which helps build community awareness and support.