NFEC Investment Speakers Offer 100% Educational Presentations

Organizations and community leaders looking for investment speakers to present at a financial education event can find what they need on this site. The Financial Educators Council certifies all its speakers through rigorous coursework, and you may be assured that they have the expert knowledge and presentation skill to deliver effective instruction not only in investment, but in all personal finance topic areas. From seminars to keynote presentations, NFEC finance speakers provide education that is 100% independent – nothing is ever marketed or sold.

Seeking Investment Speakers?

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Investment speakers and other highly-qualified educators and speakers that specialize in retirement are available here; all speakers have earned their certification through rigorous training and been approved by the NFEC. Gain peace of mind knowing these investment speakers follow proven systems and will give you live updates throughout event planning and delivery. High-grade educational materials are part of the package and may be customized in alignment with your brand. Expert consultation and support will be offered through direct contact with your lead.

Investment Speakers Implement Proven System

Serving as your direct point of contact, an experienced campaign director will manage your effort to ensure that the initiative reaches your objectives. Directors accomplish goals by handling communications, promotions, and sponsor connections, as well as preparing the speaker so the presentation matches your desired outcomes.

Universal Investment Speakers Performance Measures

Investment Speakers Meet Rigorous Qualifications

Having earned certification from the NFEC indicates that Investment Speakers and our team of personal finance experts meet national standards for the utmost rigor in quality and impact of financial education instruction. The NFEC and the Danielson Group – developers of the most widely-referenced educator standards in the industry – collaborated to produce these standards, which lay out knowledge and performance criteria for excellence in personal finance instruction.

Influential Investment Speakers Approaches

Case Study – Transamerica Financial Educators Academy

The NFEC began its collaboration with Transamerica in 2013. Transamerica reached out after hearing many financial professionals say they wanted to teach basic financial literacy to clients and personnel, but lacked the time, resources, and training they needed to do so. The NFEC’s response was to design a custom Certified Financial Education Instructor training specifically for financial professionals, preparing them to be effective, motivational personal finance speakers.

To guide program development, the NFEC conducted supply- and demand-side assessments among Transamerica managers and advisors. The findings were applied to tailor a program that would meet the needs of all parties involved and encourage cross-department collaboration.

The result was a comprehensive financial education program that includes the certification training program focused on teaching financial literacy, a custom curriculum package, specialized testing, marketing promotions, and selecting a high-profile speaker to lead the program launch event.

The customized and branded materials developed for Transamerica arm financial professionals with the tools they need to improve financial literacy in entire communities. Post-program, participants receive ongoing support through ongoing education which they may access through an online college education platform.