Customizable Financial Literacy Online Course Helps Mold Positive Behavior

Plenty of personal finance education programs have been developed in recent years in response to the 2008 Great Recession. A few are even offered online. But what is the best way to decide whether a web-based financial education program really makes a difference? According to the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC), a viable financial literacy online course must not only build the participants’ financial foundation, but also include options that help people mold and modify their financial behaviors in positive ways.

That’s the basis behind Evolve, the NFEC’s recently-launched personal finance online program designed to teach personal finance to the widest possible audience. The reach of this program is effectively extended by making the lessons customizable by either students or instructors. Evolve’s instructional methods are grounded in constructivist theory and employ a learner-centered approach that leverages scaffolding, simulation, and practical lessons with real-world applicability. That way, the course lessons provide a personalized learning experience based on each individual’s interests, desired outcomes, testing results, and accomplishments as they progress through the lessons.

Each topic in the Evolve curriculum incorporates a practical component that includes scheduling options to encourage participants to mold or modify their financial behaviors. For example, the program includes just-in-time learning features that remind students of action steps to take prior to making key financial decisions. The web-based lessons also are highly-interactive and feature gamification with points, badges, and bonuses awarded for important achievements. This reward system also is aimed at helping to instill positive behaviors that participants can use to build a framework to secure their financial futures.

When students learn positive money habits and apply them to real-world decisions, proven results will follow. Evolve also incorporates a rich, robust set of assessment tools that give educators a way to demonstrate participant progress and manage instructional efforts. The detailed analytics include activity completion, time participants spend on lessons, automated test results, and data regarding milestone achievement. The assignment manager portal offers instructors a central dashboard where they may comment on and/or approve submitted assignments, and segment classes based on completion levels and performance. This financial literacy online course is truly the state of the art in teaching personal finance.

Group Management and Automated Testing Features Enhance NFEC’s Online Financial Literacy Course

Online Financial Literacy Course

Evidence-based practices for instruction lie at the heart of Evolve, a new online personal finance course recently created by the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) to address the need to raise personal finance capabilities among people across the U.S. Designed in collaboration with a group of professionals with expertise in finance, education, and online learning, Evolve offers educators a unique platform with a central base from which to manage all learning activities and track student progress.

The NFEC’s 100% independent status means that Evolve is purely educational. That is, no advertising or product marketing are ever presented in these personal finance curriculum materials. The NFEC is a for-profit organization with a social enterprise business model. The organization’s goal is to create a world where all citizens have the capability to make sound decisions toward improving their finances now while simultaneously securing their futures.

The robust platform upon which Evolve is built is designed around evidence-based practices for eLearning. This platform offers the flexibility to accommodate both synchronous and asynchronous activities. The high-grade curriculum materials also are designed for maximum flexibility, allowing educators and students alike to customize content based on desired learner outcomes and scheduling needs.

Detailed analytics also form a core component of the Evolve Learning Management System. Quality analyses allow educators to track student progress according to metrics such as activity completion, time spent on lessons, testing scores, and predefined milestones. Learning pace also may be tailored as self-directed, timeline-driven, or based on test results. Evolve online personal finance course is aligned with the principles of the NFEC’s live instruction curriculum, allowing educators maximum freedom to customize lessons, assign tasks, and monitor progress – all through the easily accessible eLearning center.

Educators who desire to learn more about Evolve may contact the NFEC directly. This online financial literacy course includes instructors’ guides, student guides, testing measures, a PowerPoint presentation, and other resources – all designed in alignment with theory-based teaching principles. Lessons are clearly organized alphanumerically to ease the instructor’s ability to teach coursework, assign activities, and manage programs according to his or her unique scheduling needs.