Online Personal Finance Course

eLearning Financial Literacy Platform Designed around Research-based Education Principles to Deliver Measurable Results

The NFEC’s eVolve online personal finance course leverages best practices in online personal finance education. Educational-grade content and vivid design create a unique learning experience where participants take action toward building a sound financial foundation.

Participant Learning Platform

Providing a great user experience was a top priority in the development of eVolve. Vivid content creates an authentic, dynamic learning experience designed to accommodate all learning styles. Videos and interactive learning tools comprise the eVolve education platform.

Practical & Rooted in Research-based Education Principles

Most ‘online personal finance programs’ on the market today are just videos and articles put on a website – they are not eLearning. eVolve balances instructional methodologies with practical learning needs that inspire participants to take action.

Practical: Activities have Participants Build Their Financial Foundations The course has participants work on their personal finances through real-world activities.

Instructional Methodologies: Research-based Educational Strategies Grounded in constructivism, eVolve employs a learner-centered approach. Education strategies include: scaffolding, simulation, project-based learning, personal planning, and case studies.

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Measurements & Need-based Assessments

Self-assessment tools help learners understand what lessons will help them most now so they can focus the education on improving their own immediate needs. This Adaptive Learning strategy provides a personal learning experience based on each individual participant’s interest and lesson accomplishments.

Flexible Course Formats & Robust Learning Experience

The online personal finance course is comprehensive and designed to help people address the most important areas of their finances. The platform is flexible and can accommodate both self-directed and instructor-led learning.


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Facilitator Backend Management – Learning Management System (LMS)

The eVolve Learning Management System gives the course facilitator the ability to monitor student progress, view test and quiz results, download reports to Excel spreadsheets, and set up student groups.

Additional Options: Branding, Promotion, & Funding Resources

For those looking to market, fund, and promote online learning, the NFEC provides turnkey solutions. These options give you the ability to align the program with your brand and put you in position to scale.

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