Campaigns for Financial Professionals

Financial advisor teaching financial educationThe NFEC supports those in the financial industry who seek to expand their businesses while becoming financial education professionals in their community. Combining a comprehensive financial literacy campaign with lead generation and retention tools helps financial professionals grow their business while they gain community recognition.

The NFEC provides a turnkey financial education system for financial professionals who wish to have major impact on their communities. The campaign offers resources, training, and promotions to financial advisors, credit unions, insurance reps, banks, and real estate professionals—anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the financial wellbeing of others and build their own business in the process.

This financial education campaign is much more than just PowerPoint presentations or an event marketing package. This program will position you as a community leader who provides valuable resources through a variety of channels: corporations, nonprofit organizations, individuals, community groups, and schools.

Create instant credibility for you or your organization by leveraging the NFEC’s resume. Uniquely positioned as a leading financial education company accepted by top universities and whose coursework has been accepted by the CFP Board of Standards®, the NFEC has conducted some of the largest and most widely-recognized promotions in the financial literacy industry.


Financial Education Campaign Overview

Taking a comprehensive campaign approach helps you build a positive brand image, gain clients, and generate referrals. Other organizations have leveraged this turnkey system to:

  • Acquire New Clients
  • Develop Existing Clients
  • Reduce Marketing Costs
  • Receive Media Awareness
  • Build Community Goodwill
  • Develop Unique Brand Recognition
  • Build a Lasting Legacy


“I have received constant e-mails. The buzz seems to be growing instead of slowing down. I love that the community I have lived in for so long has been blessed by all of this. Thank you so much for all you do. What you have put together is great.”
Karen Troester, Vice-President, US Bank Grand Junction, Colorado



The material included in the presentation package is designed to reach all ages and most niche markets. Features include:

  • Practical Curriculum that Meets Educational Standards. The NFEC’s financial literacy curriculum bridges the gap between real-world application and theory-based education.
  • Modular Design: The presentations’ modular format accommodates a variety of schedules.
  • Independent: The NFEC’s presentations are not affiliated with any financial institution. The material was created to improve participants’ financial capabilities while helping professionals build valuable community connections and clientele.

This campaign provides comprehensive solutions to your event marketing needs. The package includes turnkey presentations (instructor’s guide, student guides, PowerPoint, testing, surveys) and marketing material.

Presentation packages include:

1) Adult Foundation Package – The NFEC’s Building Your Financial Foundation financial literacy for adults program is designed to help people build a solid financial foundation and/or recover from current financial circumstances. This coursework covers basic personal finance lessons to improve individuals’ financial situations.

2) Adult Advanced Package – The Road to Retirement series is the perfect solution for those participants who seek financial security. This is the preferred presentation package for financial professionals hoping to connect with higher net worth clients by offering financial education for employees, religious organizations and community groups. Three presentations are included in this coursework:

  • Retirement Planning & Investments. This 6-8 hour course can be delivered as hour-long lunch-and-learns or as a full-day workshop—the modular format makes it easy to cover the topics you select. Participants who graduate this coursework will have the foundation of a long-term financial plan in place and advanced knowledge about retirement planning.
  • Insurance. This comprehensive insurance presentation covers life, disability, and long-term care insurance. Workbooks were written by Tony Steuer, CLU, LA, CPFFE, and Director of Financial Preparedness for United Policyholders. Forbes named Tony’s life insurance workbook among their top 9 great investment books.

3) Kids & Teens – These curricula not only are engaging and fun; they motivate participants to take positive action for the future. Designed around core educational standards, the curriculum helps you share lessons with today’s youth as you build valuable connections with their parents.


Presenters or Certification

Either receive training yourself or have staff members and volunteers complete the Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) program. Or choose to forgo the training and invite a CFEI graduate and active member of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association to speak at your event.

Certified Financial Education Instructor. Gain credibility and build skills to teach financial literacy effectively by taking the Certified Financial Education Instructor program. Program graduates are positioned as financial education advocates and capable instructors who can stand among the best-qualified to teach personal finance.

The CFEI coursework has been accepted by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards for 4 hours of Continuing Education credit; Penn State Erie Center for Consumer and Financial Outreach teaches this coursework to schools and nonprofits throughout Pennsylvania. Developed through collaboration between educators, financial professionals, and personal finance experts, the resulting course combines the latest teaching methods with real-world application.

Financial Education Instructors receive a custom graduation certificate and logo for marketing use. They also become eligible for membership in the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association—the first national speakers’ association that books financial education advocates and experts.


“This comprehensive educator training program empowers those delivering the information with the tools to maximize the effectiveness of the coursework.”
Erica K. Jackson, Director Center for Financial & Consumer Outreach Penn State University, the Behrend College


NFEC Presenter or Keynote Speakers. Are you looking for a speaker or to outsource a trainer? The NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association provides you access to top financial education presenters, keynote speakers, and spokespersons. From high-profile celebrities and award-winning educators to professional trainers who have graduated the CFEI course, we offer top quality presenters to meet your needs and budget.

The NFEC’s esteemed financial education speakers and trainers serve a global audience and are recognized leaders in the personal finance industry. They have completed the Certified Financial Education Instructor training program and met stringent guidelines set by the NFEC. These featured presenters have entertained, educated, and moved participants to take positive action while raising awareness for the financial literacy movement.


Awareness: Community-wide Promotions

Workplace-Ad-400wThe NFEC’s awareness campaign provides a turnkey marketing and promotion system for financial professionals interested in empowering their communities with personal finance knowledge. The Campaign provides resources, training, and promotions to help you reach more people as you build unique brand recognition.

This package was designed to help financial professionals develop sustainable financial education outreach initiatives. To achieve sustainability, we have learned that you need to focus on delivering your organization a measurable ROI. The NFEC has a vested interest in your success: the more people you reach, the closer we are to achieving our mission of educating the world’s citizens.

  • Marketing. The NFEC provides promotional tools and training to help you conduct effective outreach campaigns. This turnkey promotional system helps you raise awareness about the initiative and about your business objectives. Receive co-branded, customized marketing pieces to your organization that meet compliance standards.
  • Media Package. The NFEC will conduct direct outreach to the media in your community, issue pre-approved press releases, and provide you with a list of media contacts. You also will receive a customized media package to help raise awareness on campus and within your community.
  • Promotional Campaigns. The NFEC has a series of promotions planned throughout the year that move you beyond event marketing and help propel your campaign forward. Tie in with the NFEC’s larger campaigns and receive complete marketing packages and outreach material to bring these national promotions to your community. Plus you’ll have year-round access to the print, video, and radio Public Service Announcements developed by the NFEC.
  • Collaboration Package. The NFEC is focused on helping organizations develop sustainable financial education campaigns. The collaboration package provides turnkey methods for your organization to connect with other groups and creates an excellent opportunity for wholesale reps and non-competitive strategic partners to become part of the campaign.
  • Educator Training Promotion. Expand your reach and impact and train additional people by sponsoring Certified Financial Education Instructor training for people in your community who are passionate about teaching personal finance (up to 4 total trained). Training instructors helps you build a volunteer force to present events on your behalf.
  • Community Ambassador Award. The NFEC will honor you with the Community Ambassador Award to highlight your commitment to ensuring that citizens in your community have access to financial education resources.


Business Support

The Campaign Package can help your organization meet its business objectives while you serve the community in a meaningful way. You can recoup your program investment with the acquisition of one client. This package saves your organization years of time and development costs while positioning you as an advocate and leader who brought a national financial education program to your community.

  • Business Training. Receive a business manual and one-on-one consultations that will help you design your revenue models, outreach strategies, and client acquisition plan.
  • Business Material. Receive a variety of forms, contracts, and other useful material.
  • ROI Tracker. Ensure that your leads and cross-sells are tracked so you can measure the initiative’s impact.
  • Sponsorship Package. Wholesale reps, non-competing financial institutions, or anyone looking to connect with your clientele can provide front-end revenue.
  • Consultation and Support. The NFEC is here to help you launch and sustain your initiative.  One-on-one calls, strategic planning, and support are provided to ensure your program’s success.


Commitment to Our Clients

The National Financial Educators Council implements comprehensive financial literacy campaigns aligned with client objectives. The NFEC’s financial literacy initiatives engender strong community support, reach a wide audience, and employ fun, motivating instructional techniques to keep participants interested and engaged.

The NFEC is here to support your efforts. We have a vested interest in your success. The more people you reach, the better able we are to achieve our mission of educating the world’s citizens. And helping you build a sustainable program that delivers a measurable ROI will increase the number of people you reach.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation.