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PFSA – Stephanie J. Alvarez

PFSA – Stephanie J. Alvarez 2016-12-23T12:58:20+00:00

Stephanie J. Alvarez – Financial Advisor, Educator & Financial Literacy Advocate


Personal Notes

Stephanie J. AlvarezWhen I was a teenager walking to school I used to dream about the life I would have when I grew up. I dreamed of retiring my mom, traveling the world, being my own boss, living life on my terms, and helping other families like mine become financially free.

I know that lack of financial planning can lead to home loss, inability to send kids to college, inability to retire, family discord, marital difficulties, divorce, and health issues due to stress. I am passionate about helping families become financially free so that they never have to worry about their financial futures.


Stephanie J. Alvarez was born in San Jose, CA and is a mother to a beautiful girl named Angelina De Amor Alvarez and an adorable Maltese named Mr. Furly. Stephanie and her brother Jesse were raised by their mother, Lydia, in a single parent home. Stephanie hated seeing her mom work so hard while living check to check. Stephanie always had a vision of retiring her mom and helping millions of families like hers become financially free when she grew up.

Stephanie J. Alvarez is a philanthropist / humanitarian. Stephanie volunteers as the Program Manager for CHOICES, which is a workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. Stephanie also volunteers her time with many other organizations in the community that teach financial literacy. Stephanie serves on the Board of Directors as the Treasurer for the Discovery Bay Community Foundation.

Stephanie J. Alvarez, an eleven-year financial industry veteran, is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Licensed Life & Health Insurance agent, and co-author of “The Missing Piece in Gratitude and Abundance, an international best selling book. Stephanie J. Alvarez is the founder of UMPH INC. (est. 2014), an international financial education and services firm. Stephanie is also a “lightworker”. She uses her energy work on clients who want help breaking through the blocks preventing them from achieving financial freedom. Stephanie was a corporate trainer and also the Process Design Lead for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulatory requirements for a Fortune 10 company.

Stephanie J. Alvarez is a member of the Personal Finance Speakers Association. Stephanie believes that a strong financial education is the best investor asset, and is passionate about teaching others the strategies and tactics used to become financially free.

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