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Financial Literacy Speakers

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Financial Literacy Speakers

The NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association has brought together financial literacy speakers and advocate to offer financial education programming to your community. This Association is comprised of financial education experts, industry professionals, celebrities, educators, and advocates provide presentations to schools, businesses, and organizations to improve the financial capabilities of the people you serve.

Members of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association come from a variety of backgrounds; yet they share a common passion for teaching personal finance and have successfully passed the NFEC’s Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework. Our graduates possess the knowledge and expertise to effectively deliver the workshops, keynote presentations, advocacy events and are skilled at creating a memorable participant experience.

In addition to having highly-qualified presenters, education-grade curriculum is used. NFEC presentations are engaging, fun, and meet education standards while being practical in nature. The financial literacy curriculum delivers measurable improvement in the financial capabilities of participants while providing detailed steps that encourage them to take positive financial action.

From workshops to keynote presentations, NFEC financial literacy speakers deliver 100% independent information – no products or services are ever promoted or sold.

Enjoy these benefits with NFEC speakers:

Financial literacy speaker in front of class.

Consultation & Support

The NFEC has produced hundreds of events from nationwide campaigns that reach hundreds of thousands to smaller community workshops. Our consultations help ensure that your event is successful. Click here to become a Volunteer Presenter.

We encourage Volunteer Presenters to complete the Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework; however, certification is not a requirement.


Planning & Communication

You are always in the loop with our event communication package. Receive the details that will help you rest assured: travel confirmation, emergency numbers, presentation outline, timely updates, and other important information.

Personal Finance Speakers Association.


Sleep easy the night before the event. You receive two direct points of contact and a backup presenter is scheduled to anticipate any unforeseen circumstance.


Expert Presenters

Members of the Personal Finance Speakers Associations have graduated the Certified Financial Education Instructor training program and our keynote speakers have publicly demonstrated their expertise.


Promotions & Marketing Materials

The NFEC provides a custom communication package for select clients. Press releases, support material, marketing pieces, event check-off list, email communication and custom webpage are available for your organization’s use.

Finance speakers at Money XLive event

(Optional) Full-service Event Production

Leave it to the NFEC production team to handle all aspects of your event.

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Request a Financial Literacy Speaker


NFEC Source for Financial Literacy Speakers

Companies, schools, and community organizations around the world have come to recognize the value of improving people’s financial literacy to help them face current economic challenges. The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) has been credited with revolutionizing the financial literacy movement. The NFEC formed the Personal Finance Speakers Association (PFSA) to provide qualified financial literacy speakers who possess the skills and credentials to reach a global audience with effective financial education.

This speakers’ bureau is the first to feature financial educators, experts, advocates, and presenters. The PFSA is composed of graduates of the NFEC’s certified financial education instructor training, a rigorous program that provides speakers with the knowledge and confidence to present effective financial training.

Anyone with an interest in becoming a finance speaker should contact the NFEC for information about their certification program. The NFEC’s certified instructor training meets standards for continuing education credit, and is offered through several universities across the U.S. Once you graduate the coursework, you automatically become a member of the PFSA. In addition to preparing speakers for teaching financial literacy, NFEC promotes members of the speakers’ bureau and provides a liaison for booking speaking engagements. Membership in the PFSA carries many benefits for speakers, including awards, résumé-building opportunities, media promotions, and marketing materials.

Certified speakers have been trained to present the NFEC’s state-of-the-art financial literacy curriculum. This curriculum is available to reach all ages and audience types. Whether a group wants to learn the basics of setting up a bank account or long-term estate planning, the NFEC has a curriculum package to meet their needs.

The NFEC has a proven track record of helping members of the PFSA gain the training and passion to make events memorable and deliver the curriculum effectively. The organization has become recognized nationwide as the one-stop source for qualified, confident financial literacy speakers.

The Personal Finance Speakers Association has hundreds of members from around the country; view a small sample of our speakers below:

Dan Kadlec is a leading author, Time Magazine writer, and journalist covering the global financial literacy movement. He has appeared on Oprah and had an article featured on the cover of Time.

Yamila Constantino is an award-winning journalist with two decades of experience in the financial realm. She has been included twice on Hispanic Magazine’s “One Hundred Top Latinas in the U.S.” list.

Vince Shorb is one of the original founders of the NFEC and a global influencer promoting the financial literacy movement. The OC Register named him the “leading youth financial literacy expert.”

Diane Larsen is an award-winning educator and the NFEC’s lead instructor for the Certified Financial Education Instructor course. She has traveled internationally to share best practices for teaching financial literacy with educators.

Tony Steuer is the leading expert on insurance education and holds the CLU, LA, CPFFE designations. His insurance book was named by Forbes as one of the top nine “Great Investment Books to Read.”

Dianne Jennings is host of Mine Your Business (NPR) and co-hosts the Tim Ridley Radio Show. She leads the NFEC’s outreach effort to religious organizations.

Steve Repak is a Certified Financial Planner™, Army veteran, and author of the book Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for Your Money.

Laura Adams is a writer and host of the “Money Girl” podcast, a top-10 show on iTunes with 500,000+ downloads per month. Her programs have helped millions of people pick up crucial financial skill sets.

Jayne Black is the national spokesperson for SavingsFund, founder of Saving Smart for Five Generations, and recognized expert on topics that relate to women’s financial education.

Gary R. Jaeckel is a leading expert in teaching personal finance. His book is featured in the NFEC’s Certified Financial Education Instructor course and provides the methods and pedagogies of teaching money management lesson plans adopted by the NFEC.

Max Jaffe is an expert on money handling. People describe his programs as dynamic and compelling. His instruction provides the motivation and strategies necessary to take care of debt today while saving for tomorrow.

Stan Webb is a Certified Fund Specialist and Certified Senior Advisor. He has developed sustainable financial education campaigns that are expanding throughout surrounding communities.

Brian Nelson Ford is a workplace financial education expert. Business Q Magazine recently named Brian one of the top 10 entrepreneurs in Utah.

Michael Costigan became an internationally recognized speaker at age 19. Michael has earned a reputation as a leading authority on youth leadership, and bridges personal finance topics to help students achieve success.

Meka West has volunteered more than 900 hours over the past two years to teach, conduct outreach, and provide financial literacy curriculum in her community.

Ornella Grosz has emerged as an optimistic financial voice during a turbulent and uncertain economy. She is a keynote speaker, author, and financial expert.

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