Want to Teach Financial Education Online? Choose an Evidence-based Curriculum

The recent financial crisis experienced worldwide has resulted in a proliferation of money management courses, some of which are available on the Web. However, effectively teaching financial education online means much more than just putting up a website. Before deciding to adopt an online financial literacy course to teach students about personal finance, educators should evaluate the curriculum underlying the lessons. A prime example of a high-quality online resource is Evolve – the newly-launched online program available through the National Financial Educators Council. Evolve was built on the NFEC live instruction financial literacy lesson plans, which have been used by thousands of organizations worldwide and presented for college course credit at several U.S. higher education institutions.

When choosing a personal finance course, instructors should look for highly-recognized products that deliver proven results. In other words, the curriculum needs to be based on empirical evidence and founded in learning theory. The program should incorporate practical activities that students can apply to real-world decision-making, financial literacy tests and encourage participants to mold and modify positive behaviors that help move them toward financial security.

Evolve offers a prime example of just such a program. Important features of the Evolve eLearning platform include instructional methodologies firmly grounded in constructivist theory and designed to leverage modern teaching strategies. These strategies include simulations, project-based learning, scenario processing, case studies, and effective scaffolding.

When educators select Evolve as their eLearning platform for financial literacy curriculum, they can rest assured that the educational foundation is solid. The NFEC consulted with a team of experts from the educational, financial, and online learning professions to develop the program and adapt the materials into the web-based format. The result of this collaboration is a flexible platform that allows various learner options to maximize assimilation and implementation of the materials. Unlike other options for gaining financial literacy online course, Evolve bridges the gap between theory-based education and practicality.

Evolve allows educators to provide students with a truly blended learning experience, while also affording them the freedom to manage instructional time according to their unique schedules. The modular lessons and micro-eLearning format maximize flexibility of instructional design while also creating the optimal framework for students to absorb, retain, and apply the information.

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