Personal Finance Online Course Leverages Best Practices, Life Skills

Introducing the National Financial Educators Council’s personal finance online course: eVolve, a dynamic and authentic platform that shows off best practices in eLearning to their strongest advantage. The NFEC offers the state of the art in free online personal finance courses – providing age-appropriate and practical education that can be leveraged via self-study, live instruction like workshops or camps, and/or blended settings.

eVolve gives flexible options for both participants and instructors, with ability to accommodate a variety of scheduling and format choices. In addition to leveraging educational best practices, the personal finance course online content also meets common core standards. Thus this program represents much more than simply education; it offers real-world training so participants raise their capabilities to handle money decisions throughout life.

Free Online Personal Finance Courses have Striking Features

Creating an exciting and interactive user experience was a top priority during eVolve’s development. The NFEC accomplished this objective by incorporating striking features in its personal finance online course including gamification (points, bonuses, badges, etc.), simulations, and a vivid visual design. Based on the notion that the best personal finance online course is one that can accommodate both asynchronous and synchronous activities, eVolve features include flexible learner options that help them mold and modify their financial behaviors. The instructional methods are firmly grounded in the educational theory of constructivism, adopting a learner-centered focus that leverages appropriate scaffolding and uses practical case study and scenario-based instruction to maximize retention and practicability.

Design of Personal Finance Online Course Selections

Best Online Personal Finance Course Includes the Financial Life Guide

Going well beyond simple education, eVolve walks participants through activities that guide them to build sound financial foundations. For example, every student completes the Financial Life Guide, a step-by-step project-based learning tool that has learners define their goals and plans across each specific life stage. They come away with an individualized financial plan with built-in educational reminders to which they can refer back throughout their lifetimes. Such practicality in teaching has been identified in current research as one of the qualities of award-winning instruction. The Financial Life Guide used in this personal finance online course takes learners through the following real-life planning steps:

  • Setting clear money and lifestyle goals
  • Developing a current and future budget
  • Creating a plan for retirement
  • Learning about the home purchase process
  • Getting credit report copies
  • Preparing to make major purchases
  • Making choices for higher education
  • Debt payoff, or avoiding debt altogether
  • Creating investment strategies

Frequently Used free online personal finance courses Procedures

Use Personal Finance Online Course in Flexible Ways

The eVolve financial literacy online course program is not just evidence-based, it’s highly flexible to meet different pacing and delivery needs. Give learners a self-study agenda, with automatic notifications when the next lesson becomes available and accountability features to ensure lesson completion. Instructors who want to teach live events will find the resources they need. Alternatively, eVolve instruction can be blended to include both in-person and online teaching.

In regard to pacing, depending on the schedule, these money management lesson plans allow lessons to be released on a timeline. Or use the progression-based features to block student progress until they complete lesson tasks and tests. These free online personal finance courses can be targeted to adapt when students have trouble with a lesson – redirecting them to a review module that presents the topic differently.

Decisive Personal Finance Online Course Action Steps

Learning Management System for Free Online Personal Finance Courses

The robust Learning Management System (LMS) that supports eVolve has features for participant management and performance measurement. The LMS can be integrated with other technology using a built-in TIN CAN API to combine activities from different programs. The API records data that track the learning experiences in which students participate. For instance, one important activity eVolve guides learners through is the Financial Life Guide. This activity elevates participants to higher levels of knowledge as they work through a full financial plan to guide their personal finance decisions throughout life.

Students can refer back to this Financial Life Guide at every stage in the lifecycle, enabling this personal finance online course to achieve its goal of helping participants work toward a state of financial wellness.

Composition of Personal Finance Online Course Administration

According to the NFEC’s personal finance blog 60+% of college graduates are planning on moving back home with their parents? It boils down to the fact they have not received a practical financial education at any time in their school career. Today, with uncertain economic times and high unemployment rates, it is more important than ever young adults are prepared for the financial real world that awaits them when they graduate.

As part of its ongoing quest to stay on the cutting edge of financial literacy programming, the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) announces the launch of its new eVolve online personal finance education platform and integrated learning management system. The learners platform and materials are evidence-based and were designed according to current educational theory and benchmarks. The integrated Learning Management System that allows students and facilitators to customize learning pathways.

For the younger generation today, they need achieve financial security because the entitlement programs that serve our retirees will be drastically cut. There is a strong possibility that the social security program won’t be around so the need for them to achieve financial independence is critical. A study by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) predicts that 33% of workers will have zero saved in a 401k style account by 2050. The National Association of State Boards of Education states ‘most workers aren’t participating sufficiently enough to allow comfortable retirement’.

With the lifespan of this generation longer than ever before our kids need to start preparing early. The baby boomer generation is nearing retirement age and most analysts predict that Social Security will be nothing but a memory by the time your teen- and college-aged children are ready to retire.

Providing personal finance courses is a proactive solution. Just like early health screening, financial education courses can prevent the consequences that accompany financial illiteracy. Even today’s youth are aware that they need to start saving for their future; yet the average student has no idea where to start. Providing money management training to kids early in life can help them achieve a state of financial wellness.

Parents realize the importance of a financial education but most don’t realize that this is not taught in school. It is important for parents understand how important knowing basic personal finance lessons is for their children’s future and enroll them in a professional level financial education courses before they move out on their own.

Personal savings are at an all time low and credit card debt is hitting new highs. The average American spends MORE than they earn. Rising housing costs, combined with increasing bankruptcies and foreclosures, are sending families into financial crisis. This is the reality your child faces once they’re on their own, all because their parents and grandparents before them were not taught personal money management skills.

So the solution is simply. Ensure your children and the youth you serve receive a personal finance course. It is an investment that will provide them substantial returns in their future relationships, overall wellness, health, happiness and financial security.

By now you know, that online personal finance courses can help secure our children’s future. Give your children or the youth you serve the advantage many of us wish we’d had—a practical financial education course.

Online Personal Finance Course Maximizes Blended Learning Features, Interactivity

Online Personal Finance Course

The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) has long been recognized as the industry leader in building financial capabilities among a global audience. Now NFEC has recently announced the launch of its new online personal finance course, Evolve, which represents the organization’s latest effort to blend the highest quality curriculum content with vivid, interactive design techniques.

Combining the concepts of theory-based learning with practical applicability, Evolve comprises two major components: a rich and robust eLearning platform, and a Learning Management System. The eLearning program is flexible to accommodate both asynchronous and synchronous activities, offering the learner a wide variety of scheduling options and choices to prioritize content. The Learning Management System provides educators with tools to manage their classes from a central dashboard.

The blended learning approach taken by the NFEC and its curriculum advisors takes maximum advantage of such features as gamification, adaptive learning, interactive content, and a dynamic user experience using activities participants can apply in the real world. Curriculum materials are firmly grounded in constructivist instructional methodologies, leveraging important teaching strategies such as scaffolding, simulation, project-based activities, scenario-based learning, and case studies.

The Learning Management System offers educators the freedom to manage class presentations and coursework from the convenience of a central dashboard. This online financial literacy course gives the instructor capability to track participant progress and results using detailed analytics in real-time. Instructors can choose to organize classes according to three pacing options: self-paced (set by the participant), timeline-based (participants work toward time-driven goals), or testing-based (where participants are blocked from proceeding until target test results are achieved).

Giving students a true blended learning experience while becoming empowered to manage instructional time according to your own schedule represents the unique features of the Evolve financial education online platform. Those educators interested in teaching this state-of-the-art curriculum package online may receive an instructor’s guide, student guides, PowerPoint presentation, instructor’s resources, and robust testing materials to track participant progress. The NFEC makes all these financial education resources available so you can manage the program with ease from a central online location.