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Personal Finance Online Course for Teens and College Students

According to the NFEC’s personal finance blog 60+% of college graduates are planning on moving back home with their parents?  It boils down to the fact they have not received a practical financial education at any time in their school career.  Today, with uncertain economic times and high unemployment rates, it is more important than ever young adults are prepared for the financial real world that awaits them when they graduate.

As part of its ongoing quest to stay on the cutting edge of financial literacy programming, the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) announces the launch of its new eVolve online personal finance education platform and integrated learning management system. The learners platform and materials are evidence-based and were designed according to current educational theory and benchmarks. The integrated Learning Management System that allows students and facilitators to customize learning pathways.

For the younger generation today, they need achieve financial security because the entitlement programs that serve our retirees will be drastically cut.  There is a strong possibility that the social security program won’t be around so the need for them to achieve financial independence is critical.   A study by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) predicts that 33% of workers will have zero saved in a 401k style account by 2050.  The National Association of State Boards of Education states ‘most workers aren’t participating sufficiently enough to allow comfortable retirement’.

With the lifespan of this generation longer than ever before our kids need to start preparing early.  The baby boomer generation is nearing retirement age and most analysts predict that Social Security will be nothing but a memory by the time your teen- and college-aged children are ready to retire.

Providing personal finance courses is a proactive solution.  Just like early health screening, financial education courses can prevent the consequences that accompany financial illiteracy. Even today’s youth are aware that they need to start saving for their future; yet the average student has no idea where to start.  Providing money management training to kids early in life can help them achieve a state of financial wellness.

Parents realize the importance of a financial education but most don’t realize that this is not taught in school.  It is important for parents understand how important knowing basic personal finance lessons is for their children’s future and enroll them in a professional level financial education courses before they move out on their own.

Personal savings are at an all time low and credit card debt is hitting new highs. The average American spends MORE than they earn. Rising housing costs, combined with increasing bankruptcies and foreclosures, are sending families into financial crisis. This is the reality your child faces once they’re on their own, all because their parents and grandparents before them were not taught personal money management skills.

So the solution is simply.  Ensure your children and the youth you serve receive a personal finance course.  It is an investment that will provide them substantial returns in their future relationships, overall wellness, health, happiness and financial security.

By now you know, that online personal finance courses can help secure our children’s future.  Give your children or the youth you serve the advantage many of us wish we’d had—a practical financial education course.

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