Student Loan Financial Education Test Results


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Question 1.

Select the best student loan option:

Question 2.

Best loan term to reduce the total amount you will repay over the life of the loan?

Question 3.

What is the most important financial consideration when deciding whether to take out a college loan?

Question 4.

Which of the following best describes student loan deferment or forbearance?

Question 5.

If you default on your student loan debt, the consequences include which of the following?

Question 6.

Which of the following is an example of minimizing college debt?

Question 7.

Which loan term is best if you seek to reduce your monthly payment amount?

Question 8.

The most effective way to pay off student loan debt is to _____.

Question 9.

The calculation that will help you compare college loan options is:

“For many graduates, achieving the dream of earning a college degree comes with student loan debt that can derail their finances. Today’s youth are consistently encouraged to go to college, but never receive a financial education. Consequently, they make the biggest investment of their life to date with little or no knowledge about how to evaluate student loan choices, and no plan to pay back the money they borrow. Empowering today’s youth with knowledge that encourages responsible borrowing protects our country and gives youth the opportunity to achieve their personal American Dreams.”

– Vince Shorb, CEO
National Financial Educators Council

Student Loans Financial Education Test Results
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