Personal Finance Education Custom Development

For organizations that need specialized personal finance education topics, the NFEC provides a solution. Our curriculum development team can create custom materials to meet your specific programming needs.

This process starts with the ‘discovery’ and ‘define’ process then the financial literacy program is ‘designed’ by qualified campaign developers to customize the initiative to meet your unique goals. Each group we work with has unique educational, organizational and philanthropic objectives that require experienced professionals to deploy specialized solutions.

Stay focused on your core business while you outsource development to our curriculum development team. They can handle all the aspects of research, development, and design to meet your specific personal finance education objectives.

Custom materials are developed to meet your goals and include these features:

U.S. – based Case Studies

U.S. Bank Grand Junction

Custom volunteer training, special event materials, and 12-month drip education systems developed. School tour educational materials created for tie-in promotion with NFL All-pro Seth Joyner.

Employee Benefit Plan Provider

eLearning modules were developed based on the company’s retirement plan and other benefits offered to their employees. Crib sheets and quick tip emails were distributed at set intervals to maximize understanding.

Orange County Juvenile Hall

Live presentations were built that focused on reintegration and self-sufficiency. Because of restrictions on items students could have in their possession, new activities were created and educational reminders were developed.

Employer Financial Services

In addition to our existing training, custom curriculum that explained CalPERS (California Public Employees’ Retirement System) and details on the company’s pension benefits were provided to their training staff for delivery.

J.G. Went Worth

Custom eLearning lessons on net present value and expanded debt payoff activities were developed to train their staff and clients.


Custom eLearning imagery, surveys and marketing pieces were created to meet the needs of their target demographic.

College Solution Providers

Custom handouts, live presentation resources, and eLearning center were built around CSP’s need to educate parents and students about available college funding options.

National Veterans Foundation

The 8-hour program developed was focused on financial recovery topics. The NFEC enlisted PTSD experts to aid with materials development to limit any triggers during the instruction.

International Case Studies

Intermark (Nigeria)

Custom eLearning center and live presentation materials were designed to align with the country’s currency, banking, and credit systems.

NFEC Personal Finance Education Resource & Soultions

Bearing Point (Pakistan)

Comprehensive survey with more than 1,000 stakeholders and a GAP assessment report were developed by the NFEC to guide the country’s nationwide financial literacy campaign.

Nurture Smart (Kenya)

Delivered customized educator training program and live presentation materials in alignment with the Kenya Vision 2030 initiative. Presentation resources were also developed to help them promote the initiative.

Impro (Vietnam)

More than 30 hours of coursework were developed for their training programs, with a focus on adjusting content to meet the religious and cultural values of their community.


Content Development

  • $1,495 per instructional hour (includes instructors’ notes, student guide, PPT, testing, testing key, survey). International development projects start at $1,695.

Content Modification

  • Starts at $295 per instructional hour. Based on modification request. International modifications to meet cultural, currency, and financial norms – starts at $495 per hour.

Page Layout & Cover

  • For live presentations. $495 per 20 pages.

Repurposed eLearning

  • Your content is added to our eLearning Platform. $795 per page of education (includes: activities, testing, lesson instruction, video +500).

Custom Online Testing Center & Reporting

  • Up to 30 questions. $495 & $197 annually for testing center & LMS. Includes Learning Management System where you can access all data.