Lemonade Stand Day

In late August each year, we celebrate National Lemonade Stand Day, a day when communities take the chance to teach youth about setting up lemonade stands and running their own companies. The celebration started in 2007 when a little girl in Texas wanted to buy a pet turtle. Her father said no, so she opened a lemonade stand to earn money to buy her own turtle.

By taking part in Lemonade Stand Day, kids gain key life skills that will help them achieve success later in life – entrepreneurial skills, responsibility, financial literacy, and teamwork, to name a few.

Problem & Benefits

When most of today’s children mature into the workforce, they’ll enter life in the real world with subpar levels of financial education and work experience. Many may lack even the most basic skills of money management that they need to survive and get their fundamental needs met.

The experience of running a lemonade stand can benefit kids by teaching them essential financial concepts like income, expenses, capital investment, profit, and budgeting. They’ll also get hands-on exposure to other important life skills, including teamwork, goal-setting, community organizing, and philanthropy.


Enjoy this complimentary guide to help you leverage your lemonade stand as a valuable teachable moment.

Instructors Guide

Lemonade Stand Day Instructor Guide

Student Guide

Lemonade Stand Day Student Guide


Lemonade Stand Day Promotion Powerpoint

Driving By a Stand? Stop. Ask. Encourage. Purchase. Share.

  • Stop – at lemonade stands.
  • Encourage – provide positive feedback.
  • Ask – about their motivations.
  • Purchase – and leave a great tip.
  • Share – financial tips you wish you had known as a kid.

The NFEC commends your efforts to teach children about money with ‘The Lemonade Stand’ project based learning activity.

Lemonade stands are a great way to teach kids about money and business. As a part of the NFEC’s Financial EduNation Campaign, The Lemonade Stand activity is provided complimentary. Simply click the link below and receive all the resources complimentary.

Lemonade Stand – Parents & Instructors Guide

Lemonade Stand – Kids Student guide

Lemonade Stand – Additional Resources

August 18th 2012 is Lemonade Freedom Day and it makes a great day to start a lemonade stand business with your kids or those youth you influence. Spend a half-day having fun with your kids while you teach the valuable lessons that can have a lasting positive impact in their life.

We invite you to access the other complimentary resources offered through the NFEC’s Financial EduNation Campaign by visiting the free personal finance page.