Kiwana Thomas

Financial Services Professional & Financial Literacy Advocate

Kiwana Thomas

Personal Notes

I encourage, motivate, mentor, and equip you with the tools to make your financial goals a reality. I had to go through the process of shedding myself of the debt, unmerited thoughts, and work the process to financial success. Now I can do exactly what I am called to do. My journey was all about “The Power of Agreement” and the impact it has on my family. Now I teach and share with others what I have gone through to help break others out of financial bondage. Are you ready for the first step to live your truth today?



Kiwana Thomas is a child of God, wife, mother of 4, business owner, and an NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor. Helping others become successful is her deepest passion. As a speaker she shares her own financial journey about living your truth with her audience. She is passionate, authentic, and transparent when sharing her testimonies to help inspire others to set goals to financial freedom. She understands the frustration and successes that come with facing the results of the financial decisions that she made. She credits all her financial success to God’s grace and instruction.

She is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s of science in Business Finance and Business Management. Before starting her business in 2012, she served at Marriott as an auditor, at Enterprise Rent-A-Car as an accountant, and a financial advisor at MetLife in the financial services industry. Early in her business finance career she found her passion to help families with estate, financial, and retirement planning.

During her career experience, she learned that people need more guidance with financial choices and decisions before any investing happens. She found herself working with clients by creating budgets to incorporate saving strategies for retirement, college savings, and more. So in 2012 out of frustration of the lack of financial literacy in her community, she started her business. Her personal mission is to see people stop abusing long-term savings for short term fixes, and to see them financially free to complete their God given destiny. So she teaches and holds families accountable to their own financial vision. She has been extremely successful with helping families plan for everything and turn their savings completely around.