Kathy G. Mills

Award-winning author, Financial Services Professional & Financial Literacy Advocate

Kathy Mills

Personal Notes

I believe anyone can learn anything; it’s all about receiving the right instruction. I missed out on the opportunity to study practical, skills-based money management when I was in school.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve made it my mission to teach young people about finances.

My passion is helping college students and young professionals understand the importance of saving early.  My favorite part of working with this demographic is showing them how the Internet age has revolutionized investing.  What was once viewed as a “wealthy old guy’s club” or an activity only available to “market insiders” has become accessible to everyone.  I love being able to demonstrate how easy it is to amass GREAT wealth by making dedicated contributions to an investment account.  Today, opportunities like micro-investing mean that a even a $10 investment can reap huge rewards over time.

When I’m not speaking to groups about financial planning, I’m busy writing for my website and working on the second volume of my stock market book, Market Mojo.


Award-winning author and Financial Literacy Advocate Kathy G. Mills has a wealth of experience and credentials qualifying her as a leader in the financial literacy space. Her original academic background was in education, with a B.A. in English Literature and M.A. in Teaching. When she began working in public education, she soon identified important shortcomings in the textbooks and materials available for students. Sensing the need for improved instructional guides, she transferred her efforts to a non-profit educational foundation, where she worked in curriculum development and writing. It was at this time that Mills began to study finance and personal investment strategies, and her passion for promoting financial literacy among young people began to form.

Kathy’s overarching goal was to combine her passions and skills: she would demystify the investing process by writing a fun, entertaining book for beginning investors and speak at community events to spread the message. This goal required additional credentials, so Kathy returned to college and earned her B.S. in Accounting. With the new degree in hand, she began work on her acclaimed book Market Mojo: A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market, published and distributed by Amazon Digital Services in 2017. Following its debut, Market Mojo gained recognition in three national book competitions: Independent Author Network (Winner: Business/Sales/Economics); National Indie Excellence Awards (Finalist: Business Motivational); and Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Finalist: Nonfiction eBook). Kathy is currently working on a second volume to follow Market Mojo, due to be published in summer 2020. She also wrote and narrated a tour of New York City’s Financial District (“FiDi”) that can be downloaded from VoiceMap.

Kathy has dedicated her efforts to helping college students and young professionals understand investment options so they can effectively plan for their futures. “I want to show young people how important it is to start saving early, and guide them to investments that will increase their wealth,” she states. Just as her book clarifies the basic terminology and fundamental concepts that underlie investment practices, her ‘Retirement 101’ course for young professionals offers an introduction to investment tactics that can help them get on a course toward secure, financially healthy futures. Kathy adds, “I never get tired of preaching about the wonders of compound interest or the benefits of starting early.”

Kathy’s broad experience and reputation are internationally recognized. She has lived and worked in New Delhi, India; Frankfurt, Germany; and Lusaka, Zambia. She currently resides in Manila, Philippines and works at the U.S. Embassy. However, as a proud West Virginian, she is looking forward to returning to the U.S. soon to establish her own financial consulting firm.