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Financial Literacy Job Openings – NFEC

The National Financial Educators Council seeks to find passionate people that believe expanding access to financial literacy education will help people achieve a state of financial wellness while improving the strength of our communities.

Priority Position(s)

High School & Adult-level Curriculum Developers: Part-time, Remote Position, 6 Month Contract

The National Financial Educators Council seeks to find passionate people that believe expanding access to financial literacy education will help people achieve a state of financial wellness while improving the strength of our communities.

Seeking: Candidates with extensive knowledge on the topic of personal finance topics and excellent writing abilities.  Our ideal person possesses real world financial and curriculum development experience.  An educator / financial professional that has extensive understanding of personal finance topics, presentation development, excellent proofreading skills and a passion for sharing the message of financial literacy.

Deliverables:  You will be working with a team to produce a student guide, instructor guide and testing.  Then the candidate should be able to design a fun, engaging, lesson plans with suitable scaffolds.   Our products include a series of engaging simulations that support an exceptional learning experience and include scenario-based learning, lecture, activities, project-based learning, discussions and step-by-steps on what action to take.

Team & Location: There are no location requirements – remote.  You will be building the lessons with our internal curriculum development team as well as with other contractors to help expand our materials.  Communication will take place via phone and Google docs.

Compensation, Timing and Workflow: Contract position involving 5 hours weekly for 6 months.  Project will begin on the first week of March and concluding in August.  Your work schedule is flexible – you make the hours and coordinate phone / Google doc meetings with other team members.  Compensation is set at $30 hourly – 1099.

Qualifications: Do you have a true passion helping people develop a better understanding of personal finance topics?

  • Do you have extensive experience as a financial professional or financial educator and professional development course experience?
  • Are you comfortable reviewing and modifying lesson plans and providing your opinion on the subject matter?
  • Do you use common sense, and are you used to working independently while respecting and following instructions and overall vision and goals?

Then we would like to work with you!

About: The NFEC, a recognized leader in the financial education industry, supplies organizations that seek financial literacy programming with the training and resources to reduce the time, expense, and personnel they need to implement successful financial education initiatives.  As a financial literacy resource provider, the NFEC has developed more than 80 personal finance assets. Our financial education packages range in price from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Location & Office Culture: Team NFEC comprises a group of go-getters with a passion for promoting financial literacy. We are seeking highly organized individuals that can follow clear processes and balance that with an entrepreneurial, solution-focused, mindset.  The NFEC team is in various parts of the country. We have virtual team meetings regularly and get together a few times per year.  We like to joke around and have fun while working diligently toward organizational objectives.


Additional Positions

Marketing Director

Strong background in content marketing, SEO, public relations, sales funnels, opt ins, lead communication.  Qualified candidates have demonstrated how the aforementioned aspects work together and have successfully implemented successful marketing campaigns. Strong benefits and compensation package.

Outside Sales Team

Candidate is driven by advocacy for the financial literacy movement and monetary gain.  This is a commission only position with six figure earning potential.  Training and support provided.

Speakers and Presenters

Through our Personal Finance Speakers Association we seek speakers and trainers that can deliver engaging presentations.

Recently Filled Financial Literacy Jobs

The NFEC is growing rapidly.  We welcome your resume for any of the financial literacy jobs that have been filled. We will be contacted on our next round of hiring.

National Development Director

Seeking director to lead national sales team and have industry connections in targeted industries.

Inside Sales Team

Consultative, relationship builders, are sought to serve our existing and new clientele.

Curriculum Developers

The NFEC is consistently updating our kids, teen and adult level financial literacy curriculum.  We are seeking those that have extensive curriculum development experience and a true passion for sharing the message of financial literacy.

Graphic Design

Seeking professionally creative candidates to create marketing brochures, ads and visual social media posts.

Need for Money Education Opens up Financial Literacy Jobs

Financial Literacy Jobs

Recent research conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has predicted that, by the year 2050, over 30% of current workers will have zero money saved in a 401(k)-style retirement account. A quote from the National Association of State Boards of Education’s recent report backs up this statistic: “Most workers are not participating sufficiently in retirement plans to allow comfortable retirement.” This information points up the need for more widespread personal finance education, and explains why more and more financial literacy jobs have become available nationwide.

The National Financial Educators Council, the nation’s leading creator of free financial literacy programs, has begun to train financial educators, professionals, and consultants. Typically, certification to become an educator takes about a month; 3-6 months to become a professional; and 1.5-3 years to gain consultant status. The NFEC hopes to turn out enough financial literacy educators to fill the growing need.

In process to becoming a paid consultant, anyone with an interest in helping others can become a financial literacy volunteer. Many opportunities exist to contribute to building the financial competencies of one’s neighbors and community. For example, groups across the country are working to present money management programs to kids and teenagers. Volunteering to help will lend valuable experience toward certification as an instructor later on.

The NFEC offers financial literacy websites, curriculum, and resources that are excellent learning tools for those who seek to break into the financial education field. As potential consultants begin to gain vital knowledge about spreading financial literacy, they will also learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of programs. The NFEC advocates administering a financial literacy test to participants both before and after delivering a program, to determine how well the initiative worked. This step is essential to becoming an effective consultant and becoming prepared to break into the financial literacy industry.

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