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Do you have a desire to help people work toward a secure financial future? For those who are passionate about supporting others down the path toward financial wellness, there is now a system.

Certified Personal Finance Consultant

Certified Personal Finance Consultants do more than the average financial coach. They have demonstrated their competencies and have the systems to support their clients’ efforts to strengthen their financial situation.  Graduates of this program can participate in a variety of activities that help move people and their overall communities toward financial wellness, including:

NFEC Certified Personal Finance Consultant: Requirements

NFEC Certified Personal Finance Consultants (CPFCs) are among the most highly qualified individuals to conduct personal financial coaching and lead group programs. The CPFC course requires 320 hours (Professional Development Hours – PDH) of training and implementation. (32 Continuing Education Units – CEU)

(8 CEUs / 80 PDHs)

(16 CEUs / 160 PDHs)

(8 CEUs / 80 PDHs)

Financial Certifications and Training Center

What’s Provided in The Training

What’s Provided in The Training

Program Resources & Enrollment Information

NFEC Certified Consultants are among the most highly qualified educators in the financial education space. They meet the highest industry standards and serve their community by presenting initiatives that improve people’s financial capabilities.

Because the Certifications require personal support and guidance, the NFEC is limiting enrollment.


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