Promotions & Marketing

Having high-quality marketing and promotions helps you build your professional reputation and start the relationship-building process with prospective clients. These pieces form the foundation for building a client base, and you should consider these strategies early.

It’s important to keep in mind that your promotions and marketing are not designed to sell your coaching service. They simply represent the start of the process of building relationships and providing value to prospective clients via your sales funnels. You should place focus on providing ways in which clients can engage with you and highlighting the resources you provide.

Although there are many marketing and promotion methods, focus on those that align with your model and comfort level early in the process. As you grow, you can test out different methods and incorporate the ones that work.

NFEC’s Coaching Program Overview

We provide our coaches with extensive marketing and promotion resources to help them generate interest in their programs. Your marketing tools often create the first impression you make with prospective clients; these resources are designed to help ensure that their initial impression of you is positive.

  • Physical Marketing – Brochures, Educational Resources, Business Card Templates.
  • Social Media – Infographics, Visual Social Shares, Text-based Posts.
  • Online Marketing – Visuals & Copy Resources for Online Marketing.
  • Referral Systems – Process & Materials for Getting Referrals.
  • Advocacy Promotions – Client, Prospecting, & Advocacy-based Promotions.
  • Education Events – Financial Education Event System & Client Acquisition Cycle.

Preview Resources

Marketing & Promotional Resources

Access marketing and communication resources that help build excitement to attend the program. A database of marketing copy for you to apply to 30 different marketing templates is provided to all those who enroll in the business resource package.