Financial Education Opportunities for Coaches

There are services you can offer as a financial coach that can expand your offerings, generate additional revenue centers, and expand the clientele you can reach.

Once of your main roles as a financial coach is that of financial educator. Including financial education-based services is a natural extension of your coaching offerings. Offering education appeals to different types of clients (organizations, sponsors, individuals) and gives you a platform to connect with more people.

Leveraging financial education programs is one of the best methods to grow your coaching practice. The financial services industry has been using a similar model for decades and, for some financial coaches, education is a primary source of clients.

The principle is simple:

Financial Education Services Coaches can Provide

  • Financial Education Classes for Organizations: You can get paid for presenting on the front end and gain clients on the back end. Clientele: corporations, nonprofits, & colleges.

  • Leading Financial Education Programming: Good lead source for coaching clients and program funding through sponsorships. Clientele: end-users, sponsoring organizations.

  • One-on-one Personal Finance Education: Popular for young adult programming. Clientele: Parents who want accountability to support their child’s financial education.

  • Offering Online Financial Education Programs: Product for people who prefer learning online, without anyone teaching or coaching them. Clientele: self-driven learners.

  • Speaking Opportunities & Keynote: Clientele include financial education conferences, corporations, nonprofits.

NFEC’s Coaching Program Overview

The NFEC provides turnkey solutions to your financial education programming needs. Whether you use it for marketing or as a revenue center – all graduates receive our Essential Financial Education Package.

Receive the training, resources, and expertise that help you build a maximum-impact financial literacy program that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the people you teach. Due to recent process and technological advancements developed by the NFEC, you can access a turnkey financial education package that highlights your professionalism and helps you stand out above the average financial coach.

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Coaching Program Includes: Turnkey Financial Education Package (Essentials)

All enrolled in the financial coaching program, receive the NFEC’s financial education program – essentials package.  This includes: presentations, added training, financial education program resources.

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