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Give Our Kids Financial Education

Kids Financial Education classroom

From the minute they’re born, children today are bombarded with messages in ads and on TV encouraging them to “buy, buy, buy!” By the time our children turn 21, they will have been exposed to more than a million ads. But how can we counteract the constant pressure to spend? By giving kids financial education, we can overcome this conditioning and move children toward more responsible, rewarding lives.

The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) has developed a set of real-world financial lessons designed to ensure our children’s long-term security, well-being, and personal freedom. The NFEC’s comprehensive strategy helps students develop practical skills that truly apply to real-life situations. And the lessons not only meet important core educational standards, they’re also fun and engaging for children. While getting a financial education, kids also laugh, learn, and play.

All the lesson plans in this program use practical, hands-on learning techniques so kids reap the multiple benefits of forming positive money habits at an early age. The NFEC’s approach to teaching money management for kids focuses on helping them develop a relationship with money that will serve them well as they mature. The curriculum is designed in a modular format so it can be taught in a variety of schedules—classrooms, workshops, after-school programs, camps, or as part of a large-scale event.

The NFEC is an independent social enterprise organization whose sole purpose is improving people’s financial competencies. They make financial literacy for kids available through their network of Community Ambassadors. These Community Ambassadors have graduated a rigorous certification program and are among the most qualified personal finance educators in the country.

If you’re a kid, financial education may not be at the top of your mind. But parents and teachers should strongly consider the many benefits of empowering children with money skills to help empower them toward healthy and rewarding futures.


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