Discover Financial Literacy Curriculum for Kids

Parents teaching NFEC's Financial Literacy Curriculum for Kids

Schools, parents, and community groups looking for a financial literacy curriculum for kids can find a good one by contacting the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC). This for-profit organization is completely independent and committed to building personal finance skills that give people more rewarding lives. They have no commercial ties, so they will never use their programs as vehicles to sell or promote products.

The NFEC approach to giving kids financial education is holistic. They consulted a team of financial and educational professionals and experts to aid in designing their curriculum packages, which reach all ages with developmentally-appropriate materials. Thus the curricula are based on sound learning theories and meet key educational standards, but at the same time are fun and engaging for young people. The NFEC uses experiential learning techniques to provide hands-on activities that demonstrate how money skills apply to real life.

One example is the financial literacy worksheets for kids that can be found in the Real Money Experience (RMX) classroom-based game. RMX takes youth through a series of activities that allow them to practice real-world money decisions, like renting an apartment or buying a car.

Other lessons in the NFEC’s financial literacy curriculum include learning how to write a good budget and stick with it; setting goals and planning to accomplish them; developing necessary skills to get one’s dream job; saving money and beginning to invest. All these lesson plans are designed to help kids build responsible money habits and motivate them to take positive action toward securing their futures.

The NFEC has all the resources and programs needed to launch a youth financial literacy program of any scale and for any audience. Materials are available for parents, schools, and other concerned citizens to teach personal finance effectively and ensure that we are raising money-smart kids.