Financial Literacy Campaigns, Advocacy & Awareness

The NFEC leads the industry in raising awareness about the financial literacy movement by using cutting-edge branding and high-profile initiatives that benefit all the organizations involved. This approach to promoting financial literacy engages the whole community in the financial education process to present a far-reaching, appealing, sustainable program.

The NFEC’s approach to developing financial literacy campaigns that are in alignment with the national solution include these three distinct benefits: 1) demonstrated positive change in participants’ financial behavior; 2) increased community awareness about the importance of financial literacy; and 3) a sustainable business model that ensures the campaign will continue to help people well into the future.

Advocacy Center

Advocacy Center

Financial education advocates – here you will find the tools, tips and resources needed to make a positive impact in your community and its citizens. Join the movement to promote financial wellness.

Celebrities Support Financial Literacy Campaign

Celebrity Supporters

Watch videos from celebrity supporters who have helped the NFEC raise awareness by sharing financial literacy messages that resonate with people around the world. Click here to view the videos.

Financial Literacy Campaign - Financial Educators Day

Promotional Campaigns

Learn about or participate in financial literacy campaigns taking place in your community. Resources for Financial Literacy Month, Financial Educators Day and more.

Financial EduNation Financial Literacy Campaign

Educational Resource Donations

Educational Resource Donations provide complimentary resources to individuals and organizations with the desire to pick up practical financial knowledge.

Financial Literacy Campaign - Financial Literacy Advocate

Petitions, Legislation & Awards

Mobilizing concerned citizens, recognizing financial education advocates and promoting legislation are all important elements. Get involved by clicking here.

Financial Literacy Campaign PSAs

Public Service Announcement

“The Talk” Financial Literacy PSA was featured in TIME Moneyland. This PSA was designed to elicit emotional responses that encourage parents to talk with their kids about money.

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