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Complimentary resources and training for individuals and organizations who desire to make a lasting difference in people’s lives and contribute to the financial literacy movement. Here you will find the tools, tips, and resources to help you promote financial wellness in your community and make a positive impact in your fellow citizens’ lives.

The financial literacy movement is at a tipping point. Every action you take counts. You are invited to take regular action to provide education, raise awareness, or help ensure the sustainability of financial education programming. To support your efforts, we provide you with material and guidance that walks you step-by-step through the process of becoming an effective advocate.

We commend you for your desire to promote financial literacy and invite you to become an active participant to further our shared cause. Thanks to the efforts of supporters like you, we will positively affect the lives of all the people we reach with this message.

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Financial Literacy Advocate: Petitions, Legislation & Awards

The NFEC is tackling the financial literacy epidemic on multiple fronts to stay in alignment with the National Financial Capability Strategy. Mobilizing concerned citizens, recognizing efforts of financial education advocates and promoting legislation that furthers the financial literacy movement are all critical elements of developing a long-term solution to be utilized by our financial literacy advocates.

We invite you to take action now by signing the petition, supporting the NFEC’s financial education legislation and recognizing those that are teaching personal finance in your community. Click on the links below to learn more.

Financial Literacy Advocate for College Student Protection Act

College Student Protection Act

The NFEC has drafted legislation—the College Student Protection and Financial Education Act—to encourage college-bound students to take a personal finance class before they take on student loan debt.

Financial Literacy Advocate for Student Debt Loan Petition

Student Loan Debt Petition

The NFEC promotes an agenda to provide college-bound students with a sound financial education prior to taking on a student loan debt burden.

Financial Literacy Advocate Award Honorees

Financial Educators Day Award Honorees

The NFEC founded National Financial Educators Day to honor individuals and organizations that represent the best practices in the financial education industry. Learn more.

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