NFEC Takes Place among Leading Financial Education Providers

NFEC Financial Education Providers

No matter whether you are a teenager, adult, or senior citizen, you bear ultimate responsibility for learning key money management lessons. But over the past decade, the U.S. government has come to realize that it shares that responsibility, at least on some level. Thus the Department of the Treasury formed a commission to set the agenda for raising financial competencies among Americans. In this new climate where financial literacy has been given high priority, the National Financial Educators Council has emerged as one of the leading financial education providers in the country.

Part of what makes the NFEC different is their social enterprise model. They have researched best practices for teaching personal finance, and now they seek to share those methodologies and coursework with the financial literacy industry. Therefore they offer financial education services, curriculum, workshops, and online resource centers to philanthropists and community leaders at no cost. In addition, their open source system allows the organization to help nonprofits and individuals seeking to become advocates for financial literacy find funding sources to support and sustain their programs.

The U. S. Office of Financial Education is the umbrella organization for the Financial Literacy and Education Commission established in 2003. This commission sets important priorities for spreading personal finance knowledge to youth, adults, and seniors. Organizations like the NFEC have grown out of the widespread need to raise awareness about financial literacy and promote key money skills among the U.S. populace. Through knowledge, people avoid costly money mistakes that lead to stress, illness, even tragedy.

Financial education for college students, for example, helps them avoid being crushed under huge student debt loads when they graduate. The NFEC’s college programs offer many benefits not only to the students, but also to the institutes which can leverage the programs to achieve many goals. As a financial education services provider, the NFEC represents a holistic effort that addresses every aspect of money on people’s lives.