Celebrity Partnerships – Vince Shorb

The NFEC’s CEO, Vince Shorb, gives its heartfelt thanks to all the sports stars, other positive role models and celebrities who the support financial literacy movement.

Vince Shorb states, “Whether we like it or not – there is no mistaking the power of celebrity status. We here at the NFEC are grateful for those influencers that use their status to promote a positive agenda. I am personally appreciative of those that have worked with us to reach youth with the message of financial responsibility.”

All those individuals that are passionate about financial literacy visit our celebrity supporter’s page and become fans of those that have supported our shared mission of financial wellness.

“Through partnerships with public instructions, government agencies, companies, nonprofits, schools and influential supporters we can create a world where people have the knowledge they need to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of those they love, and the lives of people they influence around the globe” according to Vince Shorb.


Vince Shorb leads the Money XLive Celebrity Financial Literacy Event.