Personal Financial Education Improves Positioning, Establishes Expertise

Personal Financial Education

Many financial experts have a passion for improving the lives of their clients and neighbors. But where should they start? Obtaining expertise in personal financial education and becoming an advocate for the financial literacy movement is an excellent method to gain recognition while bringing a much-needed service to the community.

Concerned individuals and financial professionals can learn to achieve positioning in the community as financial literacy experts by consulting with the National Financial Educators Council, a leading provider of financial education services, products, and resources. Instead of having to cold call and conduct constant outreach to prospect for new clients, such positioning will bring the clients to you. The NFEC can show you how to establish yourself as the go-to person for financial literacy promotions and speaking opportunities.

Collaboration with this institute of financial education can be achieved in several ways. First, the NFEC offers a training program for financial educators. Graduates of the training receive certification and become automatic members of the Personal Finance Speakers Association, the first speakers’ bureau to focus exclusively on financial education subjects.

As a certified financial educator, you reap further benefits such as gaining the credentials and expertise to teach personal finance using the most effective and successful methods available. The NFEC consults with a team of award-winning educators and financial experts to develop their workshop packages, which the organization makes available complimentary according to their open-source business model. The NFEC supports all its speakers by providing access to materials and funding sources, and by connecting them with appropriate speaking engagements.

Becoming a credible presenter of financial education programs means when your potential clients have interest in providing their employees or members with vital money management training, they will think of you first. Ongoing success will create top-of-mind awareness for your financial literacy efforts and thus will help you grow future business.

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