Personal Financial Education / Personal Responsibility Campaigns

The NFEC promotes personal financial education and responsibility through campaigns designed to encourage people to improve their financial capabilities.

Although the NFEC is a primary business to business organization, we supply our patrons personal responsibility campaigns they can bring directly to citizens. Though collaboration and joint-promotions our nations citizens gain access to training, contests and unique educational offerings designed to help them work toward financial wellness.

Listed below are some of the more popular personal responsibility campaigns the NFEC promotes. These initiatives are also available for private-label branding and other custom options.

Savings Challenge

The end objective of the financial literacy movement is to help individuals mold or modify their financial behaviors. The NFEC provides learning resources and challenge-based actions to help individuals and families take positive steps toward a more secure future.

The NFEC offers 3 courses that directly target the end user:

Personal Financial Education diagram

Personal Savings Challenge

This activity is designed to help people build a more secure financial foundation. During this 12-step challenge, participants complete activities designed to educate them and improve their personal finance situations.

family giving their kids a personal financial education

Family Savings Challenge

This interactive family savings challenge is designed to help parents and their children complete real-world educational activities that encourage family communication. The challenge encourages them to complete practical activities to mold positive financial behaviors.

The Family Money Talks

The Family Money Talk series provides simple strategies for parents to improve their children’s knowledge about money through conversations and fun activities. This series promotes financial wellness for the entire family unit.

Financial Services Career Exploration

The Financial Services Career Exploration gives students opportunities to go onsite and experience first-hand a typical day for employees in a variety of financial service and real estate-based jobs.

The financial services and real estate industry make up over 5% of the job market (representing around 8 million people). Per the U.S. Department of Commerce, finance and insurance claimed 7.2% of the gross domestic product in 2014.

“The NFEC’s Financial Services Career Exploration (FSCE) program is designed to expose youth to the opportunities for careers in this space. Site visits are available for schools, nonprofits, families, individuals, and others serving our youth.”

Personal Finance Certificate & Behavior Change Study

To provide the industry with longer-term data and help select youth from various communities, the NFEC started the Personal Finance Certification program and gathers ongoing data from participants.

Select freshman and sophomore high school students complete a 2-year / 120-hour program. Behavioral assessments and other measures are gathered and reported annually. The goal is to compare the financial decisions and status among graduates of the program with those of their peers who don’t participate.

The coursework is immersive and students leave with expanded knowledge and completed steps toward building their financial foundation. Each student has his/her own assigned teacher for counseling, parent reporting, grading, and accountability. These educators are current and retired teachers who feel passionate about teaching personal finance.

To encourage participation and attract everyone interested in learning more about the program, all selected participants receive a full scholarship – there is no cost to them. Graduates also earn a Personal Finance Certificate to help further their career ambitions.

Personal Financial Education

Many financial experts have a passion for improving the lives of their clients and neighbors. But where should they start? Obtaining expertise in personal financial education and becoming an advocate for the financial literacy movement is an excellent method to gain recognition while bringing a much-needed service to the community.

Concerned individuals and financial professionals can learn to achieve positioning in the community as financial literacy experts by consulting with the National Financial Educators Council, a leading provider of financial education services, products, and resources. Instead of having to cold call and conduct constant outreach to prospect for new clients, such positioning will bring the clients to you. The NFEC can show you how to establish yourself as the go-to person for financial literacy promotions and speaking opportunities.

Collaboration with this institute of financial education can be achieved in several ways. First, the NFEC offers a training program for financial educators. Graduates of the training receive certification and become automatic members of the Personal Finance Speakers Association, the first speakers’ bureau to focus exclusively on financial education subjects.

As a certified financial educator, you reap further benefits such as gaining the credentials and expertise to teach personal finance using the most effective and successful methods available. The NFEC consults with a team of award-winning educators and financial experts to develop their workshop packages, which the organization makes available complimentary according to their open-source business model. The NFEC supports all its speakers by providing access to materials and funding sources, and by connecting them with appropriate speaking engagements.

Becoming a credible presenter of financial education programs means when your potential clients have interest in providing their employees or members with vital money management training, they will think of you first. Ongoing success will create top-of-mind awareness for your financial literacy efforts and thus will help you grow future business.