Social Impact

Financial problems have reached epidemic proportions. People across the country and in your community are suffering from long-term financial problems. Consider the following statistics:

78% of workers live paycheck-to-paycheck61% would have trouble accessing $1,000 for an emergency$38,000 Americans average in personal debt (excluding home mortgages)$280 Billion Cost of Financial illiteracy to Americans each year

These challenges have far-reaching implications. Money affects much more than just people’s bank accounts – it permeates most areas of their lives. It has impact on central areas of our happiness and well-being: relationships, stress, health, productivity at work, lifestyle, lifespan, and community.

NFEC’s Social Impact Strategy

The NFEC is a social impact company focused on advancing financial wellness. We work toward this goal daily, balancing profit and growth with social impact and community improvement. We are guided by these values:

Year-end Report 2020 & Key Highlights

We track and report on our social impact annually. Reports are cumulative and show the NFEC’s progress toward its mission and social impact goals.

Key Highlights


Educators & Coaches who Enrolled in Certification Programs


Educators & Coaches who Accessed Educational Resources


Advocacy Center Access