Money and Relationships Survey

So what impact does money have on your romantic relationships? The National Financial Educators Council was curious, so they asked 2,644 people across the US survey questions related to money and relationships. The survey was conducted between  February 6th – 8th 2018.  The goals of the surveys were to get a better understanding around these 3 areas.

Focused on 3 Main Areas

Impact of Finances Results

How people felt money affected their romantic relationships.

“Money has affected my past and current romantic relationships mostly in a…”

Very Positive Way 10.3%
Somewhat Positive Way 14.4%
Neither Positive nor Negative Way 56.1%
Somewhat Negative Way 12.2%
Very Negative Way 6.9%

Attraction Results

Whether individuals are attracted to financially similar people.

“In my most recent romantic relationship, we shared money attitudes and habits that were…”


Very Similar


Somewhat Similar


Neither Similar nor Different


Somewhat Different


Very Different

Tone of Discussions

The general tone of financial conversations with our significant others.

“In my past and current romantic relationships, discussions about money generally have had a…”

Very Positive Tone 24.7%
Somewhat Positive Tone 14.9%
Neutral Tone 40%
Somewhat Negative Tone 14.5%
Very Negative Tone 5.8%

The impact of money is greater than just dollars and cents – it impacts many areas of our lives. These studies demonstrate that money is having a direct impact on people’s romantic relationships; unfortunately, for many respondents it is a negative impact. We encourage people to work toward a more secure financial future together and keep the lines of communication open when it comes to money.

Vince Shorb

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