F.L.E.C. Subjects Have a Direct Impact on the Future Financial Security of Our Nation’s Youth

(Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Career Education)

The F.L.E.C. Alliance was formed to provide resources for those who teach financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career education while raising awareness about the vital role these subjects have on the financial well-being of individuals and communities across the country.

Members of the F.L.E.C. Alliance are calling upon educators, policymakers, parents and the general public to:

Why F.L.E.C.?

Subjects currently taught via public education and parents leave students ill-prepared for the world they’ll face in adulthood. Nearly all students will leave school lacking crucial knowledge, a failure that could lead them down a path of long-term financial insecurity.

F.L.E.C. subjects have a direct relationship with our youth’s ability to earn and manage their money; yet they are missing from most school curricula and not taught at home. Put simply:

The ability to earn, manage, and invest money lies at the heart of financial security. The math is simple: Higher Income Potential + Increased Knowledge on how to Manage Finances + Development of Positive Financial Habits = Greater Potential for Financial Security.

Isn’t giving our children financial security and the knowledge they need to live the lifestyles they desire the real education we want our high school graduates to gain?

Get Involved: Sign to Support & Get Advocacy Updates

The National Financial Educators Council welcomes those who are passionate about the movement to promote F.L.E.C. education to join the Alliance. Sign this petition if you believe today’s youth should be given skills that directly relate to their financial health and earning power. Your support to promote this cause is greatly appreciated.

F.L.E.C.: Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Career Education