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Flec Alliance

The National Financial Educators Council has formed the FLEC alliance to promote financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career education in schools.

FLEC subjects are directly related to our youth’s ability to earn and manage their money; yet they are missing from most school curricula. Goals of the alliance are to make FLEC education a national priority and promote this agenda so future generations become financially prepared for life.

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The public education system currently fails to teach students key subjects that would prepare them for the decisions they’ll face in the adult world. The FLEC Alliance recognizes that financial literacy education will help our country’s young people acquire the knowledge and behaviors they need to make informed money management decisions. In addition, entrepreneurship and career education offer youth skills to increase their earning potential, helping them generate income to meet the needs of daily life and to pursue longer-term goals.

The ability to earn, manage, and invest money lies at the heart of financial security. And the FLEC Alliance believes our children’s education should give them financial security and the knowledge they need to live their chosen lifestyles in the future.

FLEC Alliance Roles

The FLEC Alliance promotes a strong policy agenda, provides materials to organizations, and raises awareness about the importance of teaching subjects that have direct impact on the future financial health of our nation’s youth.

Join the FLEC Alliance

Organizations Get Involved

All organizations in the financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career education spaces: the National Financial Educators Council welcomes you to join the FLEC Alliance. Membership in the Alliance is free. However, there is an option to become a preferred member. Donations from preferred members are 100% invested into a national public relations campaign.

Individuals Get Involved

Anyone who feels passionate about promoting FLEC education is wholeheartedly welcomed by the NFEC to join the Alliance. Sign below if you believe today’s youth should be given skills that directly relate to their financial health and earning power. We greatly appreciate the support our members provide to promote this crucial cause.