Young Adults Surveyed about High School-level Course of Most Benefit

Between March 21 and 22, 2016, 1,101 18-24 year-olds across the United States responded to a survey conducted by the NFEC to assess young adults’ feelings regarding high school level-courses that would benefit their lives. This online survey produced statistically significant results with a 99% confidence interval and a less than 4% margin of error.

This is the first age-specific survey conducted by the NFEC and sponsored by DreamCatcher Wealth Management and The Minerva Foundation as part of a series of testing, polls, research, and interviews that explore financial attitudes and behaviors. The survey asked respondents to answer the following question: “Which of four high school level-courses would benefit your life most?”

Survey Question & Results

The survey asked 18-24 year olds the following question:

Which of these High School Level Courses would Benefit your Life the Most?

Available Choices Were:

The Results

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survey sponsors

Survey Sponsors

The survey was sponsored by DreamCatcher Wealth Management and The Minerva Foundation for Financial Literacy, whose founder Stan T. Webb is author of the book Optimize Your Wealth. Stan is a financial literacy advocate who works throughout the US helping to advise and educate individuals of all ages about the mystical world of Money! Through better education and guidance, and inspiring positive change he feels we can greatly reduce poverty and spread greater financial well being.

Which of these High School Level-Courses Would Benefit Your Life the Most?

1100 Insights Investigated, 4.3 False Discoveries Expected on Average (p value: 0.02)

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