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PFSA – Jayne Black

PFSA – Jayne Black 2016-12-23T12:55:44-08:00

Jayne Black – Financial Education Advocate & Keynote Speaker

Personal Notes

Jayne Black

My passion for financial education stemmed from the very personal experience of watching my mother’s quality of life change dramatically upon retirement due to ineffective planning and inadequate savings. Without financial education we cannot fully operate in society. I personally have seen and felt the ramifications in my own life of not having financial education and I want to hand down a different legacy to all of our children.


Jayne Black is the Founder of Saving Smart for Five Generations which is devoted to increasing the financial skills of Women and decreasing the financial stress that can lead to heart disease.  Jayne Black is a graduate from the Wisconsin Women’s Network Policy Institute in Madison where she is working on public policies to strengthen the financial security of elderly women in Wisconsin. Jayne is a member of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association and a professional blogger that has been published in Forbes Women, Money Wi$e Women, Mom’s Everyday and The National Association of Female Executives, American Dream Magazine, Platform Magazine and Red River Canyon Family Magazine. Jayne is also a mentor and tutor for children with Dyslexia and has a blog called Unlimited Potential as a person with dyslexia Jayne not only knows the shame of feeling not smart but the hard work and dedication it takes to learn things that come so easily to others. Jayne serves as a source of inspiration for children and adults who have dyslexia and has published a book called “Why Do I Learn Differently?” for children who have dyslexia. Jayne is proud to be an accomplished speaker and published author and a guest on TV, radio talk shows and teleseminars.

In 2012, Jayne was selected as Mrs. Wisconsin International 2013 and is the International Spokesperson for SavingsFund – a youth savings campaign. Jayne’s volunteer work includes Speaker for the Asset Builders of America Money Conferences, The American Heart Association and a Board Member for Go Red for Women where Jayne helps to educate women about the effects of stress on the heart. Jayne is a team member for The Wisconsin Women’s Council her role is to help create an all-inclusive online financial education program for women. Jayne is a founding board member of the iOme Challenge a national financial education contest for college students which is endorsed by Money Smart. Before this Jayne served as a Legislative/Organization Specialist for administrator of 401-K plans working the issues of retirement security.

Jayne is devoted to creating awareness about the need for financial education and the problem of financial illiteracy in our world. Her dream is to change the misconceptions about people with dyslexia by continuing to be a role model while working on the issues of financial illiteracy in our world. Jayne states financial education is easy to understand and teach if I can do this anyone can! We just need to make it a priority!

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