Personal Finance Calendar

Setting a regular schedule to review your financial situation is vitally important to your financial health and overall well-being. This Personal Finance Calendar suggests the kinds of financial review you should complete monthly and periodically, lays out a month-by-month schedule of significant financial events and documents to evaluate and update ongoing, and discusses reviews to undertake when major life events occur.

Regular Monthly Financial Tasks

To best manage your finances, there are regular monthly tasks required to ensure that you’re working toward your financial goals and protecting your finances. The personal finance calendar outlines common monthly events to make a regular habit.

  • Review all account statements.

  • Securely dispose of or file account statements.

  • Assess whether on track toward financial goals and plan.

  • Reflect on ways to increase income & savings and decrease debt.

  • Address any new challenges or opportunities.

  • Dedicate time toward improving your financial knowledge.

Birthday & Life Events

Familiarize yourself with milestone personal finance calendar events and consider which are meaningful for you. We lay out some “milestone” years in many people’s financial lives. These life events may not all apply to you, but it’s good to familiarize yourself with them and consider which have meaning to you.

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