Ongoing Financial Literacy Resources

Because helping people improve their financial situations takes more than just literacy, we provide a comprehensive suite of ongoing education resources to help people mold positive financial behaviors that take them closer to their goals. As providers of financial education services, we need to help participants develop positive behaviors and establish systems; and support them to develop positive money management habits. Doing this takes time and support with ongoing financial literacy resources and training.

To help facilitate real change in people’s money habits, we provide ongoing education with timely reminders and activities to help them work toward adopting behaviors that can make a real difference in their lives. We provide ongoing training at several important touchpoints that align with where people spend their time.

Continuing Education

The NFEC sets benchmarks for the financial education and coaching industry that will assist providers to become more effective and competent in helping individuals work toward financial wellness. The NFEC standards for professionals and learners offer the following benefits:

Mobile Learning

Given that the average person spends more than 3 hours per day on a smartphone, this touchpoint is critical for financial education. Increase engagement, gamify learning, and direct users to deeper learning options using the NFEC personal finance application. The app includes:

Social Education Campaign

Youth and young adults spend more than 3 hours a day on social media, and adults over 45 spend over an hour a day on social media. Therefore, social media platforms provide us as financial educators with another important touchpoint. The NFEC supplies you with a complete library of social media posts that help people pick up financial tips.

Ongoing Financial Literacy Resources Support Learners

By now you understand the importance of taking a holistic look at your education plan and the importance of including additional touchpoints in your program. Our ongoing education resources come with our educational packages. Click below to learn how you can provide these ongoing financial literacy resources to the people you are teaching.