We’ve Completed a Two-Year, Multimillion-dollar Expansion and Makeover with One Goal in Mind:

To Help People Who Champion Financial Education Initiatives Make a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of the Individuals they Serve and to Push the Financial Education Movement Forward.

Individuals and organizations around the globe have mobilized to tackle the financial illiteracy epidemic; yet most of them need financial education resources, support, and guidance to make a meaningful difference.

These passionate people leading programming have faced many obstacles. Starting a financial education program requires significant time, capital investment, and expertise. Once begun, making a program successful takes years of testing and refinement. And even after all this effort, the program may never achieve its set goals at a cost per impact that would allow the initiative to scale.

Our latest updates make it easier for individuals championing financial literacy programs to serve more people with high-quality financial education programming that delivers better results. How? By reducing the cost, time, and personnel required to build an effective, scalable financial education program.

We empower financial education champions with the systems, resources, and expertise that optimize financial literacy program development and reduce barriers to entry – lowering the cost per impact and increasing the ability for programs to scale.

New Updates, Expansions, & Improvements

Recent process and technological advancements developed by the NFEC provide individuals and organizations with turnkey financial education programming that aligns with best practices for teaching and promoting long-term behavior change.

We have invested several million dollars into our resources based on feedback received from more than 6,000 clients and contributions from over 450 experts in personal finance, education, and other specialized expertise. Updates include:

Complete Financial Education Programming Solution

For people looking to start a new program or enhance an existing program, we now provide turnkey programming solutions – Complete financial education program with all necessary resources.

Certified Financial Education Instructor Update

Newly updated and expanded programming launched in January 2019 now integrates with all the other financial literacy assets to ensure that graduates can execute top-quality programming.

Expanded Presentations, Lesson Plans, & Print-on-Demand Center

All-new design and significantly expanded financial literacy curriculum – the student guide was expanded from 550 pages to over 1,400 pages. All lessons are broken down into micro-topics that can be easily printed by you or your local printer.

Updated Standards & Educational Framework

As part of this development, financial education standards and frameworks for learners and educators have been updated to continue to guide the industry forward.

Ongoing Education Resources

To make a real difference in others’ financial lives takes more than just teaching literacy. Programs must work toward encouraging people to adopt positive behaviors, and the NFEC’s new ongoing education resources help do just that.

Expanded Branding & Customization Options

Now you can have the highest-quality financial education materials customized to match your brand. This feature has saved organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars to create materials from scratch.

Support Resources

All-new website for easier navigation, expanded staff, new FAQ & client management system, customized communication options, and ongoing training; and all clients are assigned a consultant to provide one-on-one phone support

About the NFEC, Our Story

When the NFEC started back in 2007, there was no existing organization to help us build our financial literacy program. Even today, there is limited information and few resources available, so we wanted to help others who share our passion by sharing these resources with other financial literacy champions. We feel nobody should have to experience the challenges we encountered when we started out, so we are committed to helping our patrons develop high-quality programs.

The NFEC is an IRS-recognized Benefit Corporation whose mission focuses on providing top-quality financial education programming. Our social impact-focused enterprise has supported the development of thousands of programs over the last decade to reduce the cost and time needed to develop programming while providing the tools and training that increase program impact. Our resources, training, and programming processes have been used by thousands of organizations, including: