International Financial Education

Organizations and individuals with a passion for improving the financial capability of their country can join the international financial education movement. The National Financial Educators Council desires to continue the expansion of their International Financial Education Campaign and is seeking partners, ambassadors, and end-users of the expansion launch event scheduled for 2020.

The NFEC International Financial Education Campaign is reported to engender strong community support, reach a targeted audience, and provide motivating instructional techniques to keep participants engaged. The campaign assists host organizations to raise media and community awareness while generating revenue through various business models designed for financial organizations, corporations, individuals, schools, and nonprofit organizations.

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1) Groups Interested in Teaching Financial Literacy. The NFEC provides the Certified Financial Education Instructor training to organizations interested in sharing financial literacy with those they serve. So far people in over 40 countries have participated in the Certification program. Learn the global best practices to teaching personal finance – gain the knowledge and credibility to teach financial education courses.

2) Partnerships with Established Organizations. For those seeking to promote financial literacy on a large scale, the NFEC’s International Outreach Campaign provides turnkey resources to organizations with a passion to empower people with practical money skills. The social enterprise model helps accomplish personal, financial, and philanthropic goals while creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives. The NFEC is seeking partners that have built relationships with influential community leaders, have an outstanding reputation in the community, and capital ($50,000+ USD) to invest in bringing financial literacy to the country on a high-profile scale. Partners will be selected based on their ability to generate high-level awareness and reach, along with other factors demonstrating their positive community influence.

Case Studies:

International Organization

The National Financial Educators Council was lead consultant on a financial literacy initiative that currently serves more than forty thousand individuals in poor rural areas; the NFEC plans to reach more than half a million people in the next 2 years.

The NFEC led this demand- and supply-side survey. From the data, the NFEC generated a GAP Assessment report that was used to design and implement a multi-million dollar financial literacy campaign. This report included detailed recommendations on the financial literacy curriculum, educator training, outreach, and sustainability. The report aims to address various aspects of financial matters, training beneficiaries to become financially aware and consequently able to make better financial decisions.

The NFEC surveyed over 1,000 citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 who are employed as industrial workers, farmers, homemakers, and domestic workers or who are self-employed. The data compiled via face-to-face interviews allowed the NFEC to make specific recommendations in these areas:

  • Development and adaptation of the curriculum and delivery mechanisms.
  • Training master trainers who will train field-level trainers.
  • Mobilization through partner networks toward beneficiary outreach to the target audience.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the entire program—from curriculum development to post-project evaluation.
  • Project management consultation throughout the project’s duration.

The NFEC team of survey developers, educators, and personal finance experts were instrumental in the development of the comprehensive financial education initiative that will continue to serve people for many years.

International finacial literacy program

Kenya, Educator Training

The National Financial Educators Council partnered with Nurture Smart to launch a financial education campaign designed to empower educators and students. The initiative was designed to align with Kenya Vision 2030, the country’s development plan whose objective is to transform Kenya into a “middle-income country providing a high-quality life to all its citizens by the year 2030.”

The NFEC provided consultation services, curriculum design, funding campaigns, media outreach, and Certified Financial Education Instructor training courses. These financial education services were focused on helping Kenya reach its stated objective of improving its citizens’ quality of life.

The campaign launch brought together personal finance experts and leaders from around Kenya, including Prof. James Ole Kiyiapi, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education. Financial education is a new topic to the country, and raising awareness among educators and individuals was an important piece. The first event met key goals including awareness, building relationships with influencers, media coverage, and bringing together those organizations that represented best practices.

The next phase of the Kenyan campaign is to train and certify educators. The NFEC is planning to work with key influencers to adapt training programs and curriculum to align with Kenyan and African values. A financial literacy certification event and media campaign are being prepared to serve more than 300 teachers located in Kenya and surrounding African countries. Sponsorship forms, marketing material, and outreach efforts are in place to fund the financial literacy campaign.

International Financial Education
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