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In The Black Friday 2019-12-05T09:07:27-08:00

In The Black Friday

“In the Black Friday” kicks off the NFEC’s holiday promotions that encourage people to reduce spending this holiday season and build savings instead. For parents, it offers a timely educational opportunity to teach kids valuable personal finance lessons.

“In the Black” Defined: Having more money on hand than debt. Adding to savings. Antonym: In the Red

The “In the Black Friday” also kicks off the NFEC’s holiday “Give Savings” campaign that expands on the message of #InTheBlackFriday

How to Participate

Leverage In the Black Friday as a teachable moment with your children. Learn more – click here to get tips for your kids.

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Why Participate?

People overspend during the holiday season. A Coinstar survey showed that 77% of people surveyed expected to exceed their holiday spending budget, while only 37% will implement a post-holiday budget to recover from their overspending. This overspending habit gets people off on the wrong financial foot ahead of the New Year, which can have negative impact on their finances for years.

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